Instantly the price of iron for the consumer Friday 18 May 2018 In all Egyptian factories – urgent video


now price Iron for the consumer الجمعة 18 مايو 2018 In all the Egyptian factories Al-Nasr newspaper, our respected observers in the Arab world and in the world we are always keen to provide a leading news item and wonderful and Wimiz, we would like to win the approval of all our followers, and in addition to us to provide news from their sources with full transparency “Al-Nasr Newspaper – the first leader in the Middle East and the world. We offer you the news today, which is the news” immediately the price of iron for the consumer Friday 18 May 2018 in all the Egyptian factories “, which is today’s news Friday, 18 May 2018 05:43 am. We offer you this urgent news and we would like to get your admiration to our dear visitors where we present you through this topic Price of iron In the Egyptian market Friday 18-5-2018, where it stabilized Prices Iron In Egypt during the middle of last month April 2018, after the large increases in the previous period where the average price increase in tons Reinforced steel for the consumer Between 200 to about 400 Egyptian pounds from the previous price. A member of the Building Materials Chamber of the Federation of Egyptian Industries, Dr. Kamal al-Desouki, said in a press statement that the real reason for the rise The price of iron in Egypt The final period is due to price fluctuations at the international level, where price increases Scrap iron In the market, on the other hand, the raw material of the industry has witnessed an increase of up to US $ 10, Reinforcing steel But Egypt is importing all its needs from abroad, since there is no Egyptian industry in the market. The price of reinforcing steel today for the consumer in Egypt We review with you through the following table Price of iron In the Egyptian factories, for most of the most famous factories for the production of reinforcing steel in the Egyptian market, such as Ezz, the Egyptians and Aljarhi and many others. The table includes the average price of iron for the delivery of factory land as well as the average delivery prices of the provinces, Prices of iron ton Today as follows The Company’s name product name Ex-factory prices Price is shipping by sea The price of delivery face before me Ezz Steel Company Almighty 12600 12700 12800 Ezz Steel Company Exotic 12600 12700 12800 Egyptian Iron Company Egyptians 12550 12650 12750 Beshay Steel Company Bishay 12570 12650 12800 Al – Attal Steel Company Porter 12250 12350 12500 Attiyah Steel Company gift 12500 12600 12750 Egypt Steel Company Egypt Steel 12350 12450 12600 Al – Jarhi Steel Company Al-Jarhi 12600 12700 12800 Maadi Steel Company Maadi 12450 12550 12700 Suez Steel Company Suez 12475 12600 12750 Sarhan Steel Factory Sarhan 12250 12350 12500 Qouta Steel Factory Quta 12250 12350 12500 Hadid Aljawashi Company Geophysical 12570 12700 12850 Al – Marakbi Steel Company ferryman 12350 12450 12600 Al – Ashry Steel Company Decimal 12350 12450 12600 Castile Steel Company Castell 12250 12350 12500 Hadid Iron Company Ayad 12350 12450 12600 Al – Koumi Steel Company Komi 12350 12450 12600 Iron Steel Company Our iron 12350 12450 12600 Tanta Steel Company Tanta 12250 12350 12500 Read also: Cement prices today in the Egyptian market Reasons for the final increase in iron prices An official source in one of the famous iron factories in the Egyptian market that the real reason for the rise is due to the factories consume their own inventory of the billet ore, which was estimated and evaluated at the purchase price a year ago, and as a result began the Egyptian iron mills to import pealite crude at the modern price after And the cost of converting it in factories to iron bar between 1200 pounds to 1500 pounds. The source confirmed that the Egyptian iron factories and companies have stabilized the price of iron in the Egyptian market for more than five Months earlier, and because of the chewing Economic development is no longer a way out of raising prices according to the international market. Increase the price of scrap iron A request for briefing in Parliament on the increase in prices of iron and cement The member of the Egyptian parliament for the Future Party of the homeland Hussein Abu Gad to submit a request to the Speaker of the People’s Assembly on the legislative authority regarding the final rises in the prices of building materials, especially the prices of iron and cement in the Egyptian market, and requesting the intervention of the Egyptian Prime Minister to work to reduce the negative impact of the rise The prices of reinforcing steel, as it directly affects the important sector of construction and construction, and thus increase in the prices of housing units, and the pressure on the simple citizen. Modernization of iron prices in Egypt At present, the Egyptian iron market is witnessing a state of cautious anticipation, following the sharp rise in steel prices in the market during the final days, and many experts expect the continued increase in the prices of building materials, including iron, in the coming period. We thank you, our followers in the Middle East, the Arab world and the world, Ali Hassan, and we hope that we will be in good shape with you always, immediately the price of iron for the consumer Friday 18 May 2018 In all Egyptian factories Al-Nasr newspaper, we admire you everywhere, Iron for the consumer Friday 18 May 2018 In all the Egyptian factories through our newspaper Al-Nasr, we do not forget the follow-up of the work of “Lake Wechir” through the pages of social networking sites of our site “Al-Nasr – the first leading in the Arab region” to receive new news in a renewed time of occurrence. Source : Egyptian Stars


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