Instead of celebrating a scandal in Exatlon, there was blackmail and threats as well

We saw the most tense moments of this season.

In the January 11 broadcast, the blues eventually won, albeit hardly, by 10-9: instead of resting contentedly, the scandal broke out with them, not with the Champions. It was already clear that Vestator, ie Péter Mischinger, was not an easy nature (he had a lot of integration problems even in his own season), but now he feels neglected, he can’t stand the fact that Novák Zalán is the leader of the team, even so that he was injured. According to the gladiator, his words were ignored before the “sudden death,” while the others argued that everyone said the same thing, only he hung out of line.

Mischinger gave a speech to the others in the evening, behold:

According to Novák Zalán, his teammate was blackmailed by everyone:

Vestator did not calm down after the embracing reconciliation:

Let’s take a look at some of the viewers ’opinions on the show’s Facebook page!

“Peter is an energy vampire, and he says so. I need you, if I don’t get a good word, I’ll run out, I’ll build from the outside. Get rid of it as soon as possible.”

“Peter is getting tired through the screen. A lot of it for me, even though I have it in the first season … I don’t even know poor people to deal with it 0-24.”

“I don’t understand why he likens himself to a gladiator when he acts like a prima donna.”


“There’s no reason to recognize and look up to him. He’s a very aggressive personality, he’s always looking for fault in someone else. You should look in the mirror and think.”

“Let’s just say he’s slow, he’s not really clever. So he’s even tied up in a living tree, he’s hissing. He can’t be one of many, but he wants to be someone, but he’s not enough.”

Of course, there are those who say Zalán shouldn’t be there anymore: “Not for now, but shouldn’t he be on his way home with a broken leg?”

One is frustrated and the other is injured

Of course, everyone interprets the situation differently, but it is clear that if Peter Mischinger were to deliver the victories, he would have more recognition within the group and his frustration would diminish. Let’s look at the facts: he lost 11 of 15 races, which is a very poor performance of 26.6%, which is probably why there is so much tension in him. She was better in the first season, standing at 55% at the end, finishing third among the men.

However, Novák Zalán ran only five this year, winning three and was badly injured: if he really broke his plantar or heel, it makes no sense to keep him on the show for a long time, even if he wants to compete on his own responsibility, with painkillers.

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