Institut Médico-Éducatif Students Showcase Their Dance Skills at the Grand Angle Stage

Throughout the week, the classes and groups involved in the “All creators” project initiated by the cultural department of the city of Voiron will present themselves on the Grand Angle stage to show the artistic work they have carried out during the year. Among them, a group of young people from the Institut médico-éducatif Georges Bonneton, supervised by their educators Nadine Jesuha and David Amar, and their teacher Olivier Guiraud, gave on May 23, the dance show which they prepared under the staff of Lia Fayollat, dancer from the Malka company. A great first for Adem, André, Cassandra, Julie, Médine, Méline, Noëline, Océane, Stessie, Zehra, who managed to overcome their stress and took great pleasure in showing their choreographies to their family and to the entire audience present.

2023-05-25 17:07:19

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