Instituto, Gimnasia (M) and San Martín (T) go for second place in the First National

Instituto, Gimnasia de Mendoza and San Martín de Tucumán will seek tomorrow, on the last date, to stay with second place in the First National tournament, which gives qualification to the semifinals of the Reduced for the second promotion to the LPF.

With the title and direct promotion in the hands of Belgrano, the biggest prize at stake is second place: so far it is from Instituto (65 points), which will host Deportivo Madryn, but Gimnasia also have chances (64, will visit Atlanta), and San Martín (63, will receive Flandria in the “Citadel”).

The third will go to the quarterfinals and the fourth to the first round of the Reduced with nine other teams already classified: All Boys, Estudiantes (BA), Almagro, Chaco For Ever, Estudiantes (RC), Defensores de Belgrano, Riestra, Independiente Rivadavia and Deportivo Moron.

The 37th and final date, which began yesterday with a goalless draw between Miter (SE) and Alvarado (MDP), had the following results this Saturday: San Martín (SJ) 2 – San Telmo 1, Estudiantes (BA) 2 – All Boys 0, Atlético de Rafaela 0 – Riestra 2, Chacarita 0 – Villa Dálmine 0, Brown (A) 0 – Almirante Brown 0, Agropecuario 0 – Morón 0, Quilmes 1 – Deportivo Maipú 0.

Tomorrow: Defensores de Belgrano-Gimnasia de Jujuy (13.10); Brown from Puerto Madryn-Belgrano from Córdoba (13.40); Atlanta-Gimnasia (M), Santamarina de Tandil-Güemes (SE), San Martín de Tucumán-Flandria, Madryn Sports Institute, Tristán Suárez-Temperley and Sacachispas-Estudiantes (RC) (all at 15).

Monday: Independent Rivadavia Mendoza-Nueva Chicago (17).

Mars: Ferro-Almagro (21.30).

Libre: Chaco For Ever.

Positions: Belgrano 76 points (champion); Institute 65; Gymnastics (M) 64; Saint Martin (T) 63; All Boys 60; Almagro and Students (BA) 57; Students (RC) and Chaco For Ever 55; Defenders of Belgrano and Riestra 54; Independent Rivadavia and Deportivo Morón 53; San Martin (SJ) 51; Chacarita 48; Deportivo Madryn and Quilmes 46; Deportivo Maipú and Miter 45; Brown (A) and Ferro 44; Atlanta and Brown PM 43; Admiral Brown 42; Temperley and Gymnastics (J) 41; Guemes and San Telmo 39; Atlético de Rafaela, Agropecuario and Villa Dálmine 38; Alvarado 37; Tristan Suarez and New Chicago 32; Flanders 31; Sacachispas (x) 27 and Santamarina de Tandil (x) 26.

(x) descendents.