Insúa stopped the team with a surprise | San Lorenzo

Change. always change. Out of desire, necessity or obligation, Rubén Insúa usually moves pieces in each of the soccer training sessions that he plans at the Ciudad Deportiva. And this time he was no exception. In the afternoon practice this Friday, Gallego played the team again for next Sunday’s game against Barracas Central.

Regarding yesterday’s practice, the trainer had only one modification. And he surprised. Not because of the player who left, Gonzalo Maroni, who has barely had a handful of training sessions with the Cyclone. But by which he entered: Nahuel Barrios. Yes, El Perrito, who had been the first change in the first matches of the tournament, is now the one who gets into the starting 11.

In this way, the DT leaves out Agustín Martegani, who has been training since Tuesday after last week’s rudeness (according to Insúa) against Tigre, and has not reappeared either Christian Zapata, another who joined the pair after overcoming a tear. Ezequiel Ceruti, with muscle fatigue in the left hamstring, and Nestor Ortigoza, that drags a pubalgia, to the margin of the establishment.

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El Perrito, with chances to play as a starter against Barracas.

In this way, in the absence of just one practice to face Guapo, the team that is shaping up to play on the All Boys court I would go with Augusto Batalla; Federico Gattoni, Gonzalo Luján, Jeremías James; Agustín Giay, Jalil Elías, Siro Rosané, Nicolás Fernández Mercau; Iván Leguizamón, Adam Bareiro and Nahuel Barrios.