Insufficient Budget, Senator Paul Suggests US Borrow Money to China to Help Ukraine

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – United States (US) Senator from the Republican Party, Rand Paul suggested his country borrow money from China to provide assistance to Ukraine.

This was conveyed by Paul in an interview with Breitbart, quoted from Ria NovostiFriday (20/5/2022).

According to Paul, the loan was required because the US budget was insufficient to meet the promised obligations to Ukraine.

“I think it’s important to know that we don’t have money to send, we have to borrow from China to send funds to Ukraine,” Paul said.

However, he admitted that borrowing money to provide military assistance to other countries was not justified.

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In fact, he also feels that there will be many politicians from Republicans who are against the loan.

“I believe the majority would agree with this loan, including many Republicans, if it were a new social program.”

“But when it comes to military aid to other countries, they are unlikely to say that we can take this money, that this is a justified loan,” the politician said.

As is known, the US Senate previously approved a new aid package worth $40 billion or the equivalent of more than Rp. 558 trillion to Ukraine.

In fact, they have sent the bill to President Joe Biden for signature.


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