Insulted on social networks, three elected officials from Montluçon community (Allier) will file a complaint

“Thug”, “eat shit”, “asshole”… Here are some of the comments that were qualified Frédéric Laporte, the president of Montluçon community (Allier), Philippe Glomot, mayor of Villebret, and Jean-Pierre Maury, community councilor in charge of digital, during the month of September, on a public page of the Facebook social network.

“At some point, you have to say stop”

“The press has reminded us again in recent days that there are enough problems with attacks on elected officials – verbal and physical – so we have now decided to take legal action against the perpetrators of this kind of insult or defamation. “, explained Frédéric Laporte, Monday, November 28, during the community council.

“At some point, you have to say ‘stop’,” added Jean-Pierre Maury. It’s amazing to say such things. There, it really hit the mark. “Insulting people behind their screen is quite easy,” continued Philippe Glomot.

Incivility and attacks on elected officials explode in 2022

The granting of functional protection

In view of the complaint they intend to file on the grounds of “public insult to a citizen charged with a public mandate”, the three elected officials have requested the granting of functional protection. Clearly, that their legal costs are borne by the community within the limit of a maximum amount of fees of 4,000 euros. The elected officials granted them by majority.

Three votes against

Two, however, abstained and three voted against, including Juliette Werth: “It is inadmissible, agreed the elected official (DVG). But sometimes it’s the return of excessive communication […]. If only out of respect for Madame Taubira, whose photo an elected member of this assembly had circulated on Facebook, next to a monkey with a banana, I will vote against. Everyone must also be responsible for what they say. »

“A pissed off”

“We can have disagreements, but I never went down the gutter,” replied Jean-Pierre Maury.

“The insults, the anonymous letters, … we are fed up”, for her part dropped Pascale Lescurat, the mayor of Domérat, arousing the applause of the majority of the elected officials present.

Michael Nicholas