Insulting DPR and Police Can Be Imprisoned for 1.5 Years

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Manuscript of the Draft Criminal Code (RKUHPThe latest ) submitted by the government to the DPR on Wednesday (9/11), regulates criminal threats for insulting state institutions such as the DPR to the National Police.

The manuscript amends a number of articles, but retains several articles on insults to state institutions such as the DPR, the Police, and the Prosecutor’s Office.



“In the draft RKUHP version of July 6, 2022, there are 632 articles, while the November 9 version has 627 articles,” said Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights, Eddward Sharif Omar Hiariej, in a meeting.

Article 349 paragraph 1 states that anyone in public, verbally or in writing, insults public authority or state institutions, can be sentenced to up to 1.5 years in prison. The penalty can be increased if the insult causes a riot.

Then, paragraph 3 states that the punishment in the article can be carried out if there is a complaint from the insulted party. Article 350, the sentence can be increased up to two years if the insult is done through social media.

“Every person who publicly orally or in writing insults public authority or state institutions, is sentenced to a maximum imprisonment of 1 (one) year and 6 (six) months or a maximum fine of category II,” reads Article 349 paragraph 1.

Meanwhile, what is meant by general powers or state institutions in the RKUHP are the DPR, DPRD, the Prosecutor’s Office, to the Police. These institutions must be respected.

“This provision is intended so that public powers or state institutions are respected. Therefore, acts of insulting public authority or institutions are punished under this provision”.

Minister of Law and Human Rights (Menkumham) Yasonna Laoly hopes that the RKUHP can be ratified by the end of this year.

“We hope that by the end of this year we can ratify it, and it has been roadshow everywhere, to various regions, stakeholders for socialization,” Yasonna said at a virtual press conference, Wednesday (9/11).


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