Insults, cries … at the Sarcelles vaccination center, caregivers victims of acts of intimidation

At the Sarcelles vaccination center, nursing staff are victims of almost daily acts of intimidation. Violence which pushed the coordinator of the center to file a complaint.

Insults, cries, intimidation …. At the Sarcelles vaccination center in the Val-d’Oise, the nursing staff are victims of attacks on a daily basis. Violence by people who came to be vaccinated but failed because they did not meet the eligibility criteria. The message is however posted at the entrance of the center, “an appointment does not mean a vaccination.”

This is the case of Brigitte, 56 years old who will not receive the Pfizer vaccine: “I am very upset because I was anxious to be vaccinated and this man does not want to know anything. Too bad what are you doing want me to tell you! “

A jostled agent

Like her, one in five people have failed here. Patients with whom the tension often rises very quickly.

“The last time it was a little hot was Monday, a city agent was jostled by a young woman” explains Majida El Mokhtarimajida, general practitioner.

The patient even tried to steal a dose to inject it herself. “Fortunately here the instruction is that each nurse walks with his doses, no dose is left in a box”, continues the doctor.

A complaint filed

Supported by the municipality, the site coordinator filed a complaint Monday for “insults and threats”. They are asking for more support from the state.

“We want more security so that caregivers can do their job properly” indicates Icham Assarini, coordinator of the vaccination center.

In this Sarcelles center, 33,000 people have been vaccinated since the start of the campaign.

Eva Deroualle, Jules Chiapello and Alicia Foricher