Insurance for seniors who feel too old to take a dog

CIt was while listening to his grandfather that Omer Bourret had the idea of ​​launching an insurance product for the elderly who want to take a dog but who fear dying before their animal. “What will become of my dog ​​if I die before him,” my grandfather always used to say. ” Already the creator of Fidanimo dog health insurance, Omer Bourret sought to find a solution to the problem posed by his grandfather. “
Completion of the project took two and a half years. It is only three months since we launched our Vicanis offer, unique in France. “
The idea is to accommodate the dogs in a house in the event of death, dependency or disability of their master. “We had to set up this place before we started. We chose to install it in the Ardennes, near Charleville to have space, where our residents will be comfortable. “ Mr. Bourret refuses to speak of a kennel: “It is more of a high-end reception residence. There is no cage but four square meters small studettes, with sliding doors to be able to house together dogs who would have lived with the same owner before arriving. “ The contract with the insured provides for keeping the animal in the residence until the end of its life.

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Without ever placing it in a family or any other place. “It is impossible for us to entrust the animal for adoption because then we would no longer be able to guarantee its well-being. The owner must have the assurance that his dog will live happily. “

If, however, a dog can be happy far from its owner. “The educators of the residence will have for mission to forge a bond with the dog as a master would. Therefore, they will never have more than five to seven dogs under their responsibility. ” As for the choice of food, it is entrusted to a veterinarian. “The animal will also benefit from a health check-up and the necessary care throughout its life. “ This guarantee of the well-being of his dog after his death has a cost which varies according to the age of the owner and the age of the dog.

“A 60-year-old with an 8-year-old dog will have to contribute 10 euros per month. A 74-year-old with a 5-year-old dog will donate around 60 euros per month. ” For a centenarian who would like to take a puppy: quote on request.

The first customers are from the Paca region

“The average annual cost of our contracts for policyholders amounts to 400 euros. According to Omer Bouret, his product is economically viable. “Our calculations were made to make it viable. The probability of recovering dogs aged 1 or 2 years which would cause very long care costs, is rare. “Vicanis’ first clients are mainly” people from the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur (Paca) region. Our insurance is offered to everyone in France. »But the dogs who will perhaps benefit from it (which is not to be hoped for the masters) will all go to spend their retirement in the Ardennes, and not in Paca!

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