insurance is mandatory, no civil liability is not enough

The phenomenon is gaining momentum in Lyon, as in many cities in France: the electric scooter is now part of the landscape. But be careful: you must take out specific insurance. It is a legal obligation. Your civil liability is not enough.

Do you ride your own electric scooter? Check with your insurance that you are covered in the event of an accident. Since 2019, they are considered motor land vehicles, requiring specific insurance such as a scooter or a car.

To users of electric scooters, we asked the question: are you insured to ride with your machine? Well, the vast majority were completely unaware of the need to take out specific insurance. “I’m not sure explains Abderrahmane, the handlebars of his scooter in his hands. I thought my civil liability was enough.

Well no, your civil security insurance is not enough. It is necessary to subscribe to a specific insurance.

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In the event of an accident with a third party, bodily injury and material damage will be your responsibility.

In the event of absence of insurance, the victim guarantee fund will fully cover the bodily and material damage of the victim under national solidarity explains Eloïse Le Goff, communication director of the victims’ guarantee fund. Then, the Victims Guarantee Fund will turn against the author to obtain reimbursement of the sums paid. Depending on the seriousness of the accident, these sums can reach thousands, sometimes millions.

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Since 2018, the victims’ guarantee fund received 1,320 applications coverage for accidents caused by motorized land vehicles, including 97% electric scooters.

On the side of the sellers of electric scooters, nothing obliges them to speak about this compulsory insurance to their customer.

Robinson Gillet sells electric scooters on the internet. If he sends an email to his customers to alert them to the obligation to take out insurance, he recognizes that this is not enough and wants to go further. ” We have partnerships with companies, we are currently discussing it precisely so that we can put insurance for example on the online store, in insurance mode now. And the customer will be able to see and have the choice to take out insurance directly on the site “. explains the young man.

To drive more quietly, it is possible to take out insurance from 3.5 euros per month.