Insurance that was born due to the insecurity that occurs in cities

Both the levels and the perception of insecurity in the country are high and proof of this are the reports that highlight constant thefts. One of those that draws attention is the one presented by the mobile operator sector, where there is talk of approximately 3,300 cell phones stolen every day. That is, more than 100,000 devices per month.

When the theft of other electronic devices, such as laptops and digital tablets, is added to this figure, this number could even double. And if the analysis is done by cities, the scenario is more worrying in certain places. For example, according to the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, the country’s capital registers the highest perception of unsafety in the last six years.

In response to this and seeing in this problem a market opportunity, several insurance companies such as Allianz, Sura and Seguros del Estado offer different options and plans to protect this type of item, which is the most stolen, as well as for other everyday occasions.

One of the most offered services today is the insurance offered by banks (often as third parties of these large insurers) when users withdraw cash from ATMs or branches.

According to Santiago Lozano, vice president of personal lines at Allianz Colombia, this is the fastest growing type of insurance in the country’s market. This, even at this time when the costs of this market have increased due to the TRM and the increase in claims and theft due to the return to normality after covid.

Bancolombia, Banco BBVA and Banco de Bogotá are some of the entities that offer this service that ranges between $2,000 and a little more than $3,000. Depending on the bank, these insurances cover cash theft for amounts ranging from $200,000 to $800,000.

In terms of cell phones and mobile devices, there is also a wide offer that comes from cell phone operators and vendors. Also, in many cases, they do it through insurers such as Sura (Wesura) and Seguros Global.

These, which depend mainly on the value of the device, can be charged annually or monthly. On average, this type of cell phone insurance is between $150,000 and $350,000 and for computers between $140,000 and $340,000. In this case, companies such as Claro, Movistar and iShop appear on the map, offering this type of insurance for new and used devices.

Another object that is the focus of theft is bicycles. Although there is no insurance that only covers this segment of properties, companies have been offering home insurance.

This, in general, has begun to cover the elements that are part of the home inside and outside of it. So, for example, the insurance not only covers appliances and furniture in the house, in case they are stolen inside the house or damaged for any other reason, but also if the incident occurs outside.

For example, bicycles, scooters, skateboards, electric motorcycles, video game consoles, etc. would enter here. that are stolen or that are damaged by their use or by some mishap recorded outside the home.

Insurers such as Allianz, for example, have this benefit in two of their five types of Home insurance (Home Insurance Gold and Plus). It is also offered by Mapfre, which in alliance with Sura, offers this type of plans that range from $50,000 to $400,000 per month. This depends, of course, on the coverage of the policy that you obtain and the total amount of the objects that enter it.