Intel has started shipping Alder Lake laptop processors – Computer – News

Intel has started supplying Alder Lake processors to laptop manufacturers. Just like the Alder Lake CPUs for the desktop, these are chips with Efficiency and Performance cores. Alder Lake laptops are expected to be released in early 2022.

Intel hasn’t officially given any details on which laptop processors will come out first, but CEO Gregory Bryant says on Twitter that the company has started supplying high-performance mobile processors of the twelfth generation. This indicates that it concerns the Alder Lake-P models. They will follow the Tiger Lake-H variants.

In recent months a lot of information has come out about the Alder Lake-P processors. It looks like they get a maximum of six Performance cores and eight Efficency cores. With HyperThreading for the P-cores, this yields twenty threads.

For now, details of three processors have appeared: a Core i9 and two i7 versions. It is obvious that there will also be i5 and i3 variants with presumably fewer cores. According to VideoCardz, the first laptops with Alder Lake-P processors will be announced around the CES trade show in January 2022. These would also be the first laptops in which Intel’s separate Arc video cards are used.

Intel Alder Lake-P
Processor Cores / Threads Clock Speed ​​/ Turbo Tdp
Intel Core i9-12900HK 6P+8E/20T 2,9GHz / 5.0GHz 45W+
Intel Core i7-12800H 6P+8E/20T 2,8GHz / ? GHz 45W
Intel Core i7-12700H 6P+8E/20T 2,7GHz / 4.7GHz 45W

Alder Lake-P processors, specs according to rumors