Intelligent access control is a guarantee of security, convenience and privacy

He who controls information controls everything – a phrase that has already become an axiom. It is the job of every business that collects sensitive customer data to protect information and guarantee privacy to the customer. How to do it as simply but effectively as possible?

An intelligent access control system is one way to safely and effectively control access to and movement in the premises. Salto KS is an access control system based on cloud computing technology.

“All information of the Salto KS access control system is stored on a server, which is the property of the manufacturer and is physically located on the manufacturer’s own premises. Why is this important? Because it guarantees security: the server is the property of the manufacturer, so there are no intermediaries, only the customer sees the data, – emphasizes the values ​​of the system Tadas Čepulis, head of the company Stentron, which is the official representative of the Spanish manufacturer Salto in Lithuania. – Another important point is that the whole access control system is managed in real time – “here and now”.

Most access control systems are installed using wires: they need to be brought in, controllers, scanners and so on. Wired access control systems can also be installed with Salto KS, but much more attractive, as T.Čepulis notes, is real-time, with remote unlocking and mobile key functions.

How does it work?

The Salto KS system can be controlled from a computer (via a web page) or using a mobile application on a smart device. This system can also be managed and administered by users from a mobile phone – from anywhere, at any time. Full control of the system is performed using a web page, through the mobile application you can control the remote unlocking of the system, view events or block people, change the lock or user rights settings.

The system operates by touching the lock with an electronic card, a pendant or a telephone using BLE (Bleutooth Low Energy) technology – if authorized by that person. The system administrator is given more functions: he sees who and when came, can block access to specific people, unlock the door remotely. An administrator can create or invite new users, change their roles in the system, provide privileged features such as remote unlocking, the ability to leave the door unlocked, unlocking offline, and more. When it is necessary to restrict access to specific premises, the system administrator can usually do so on a website. It is not only convenient but also safe.

All entrance and door unlocking data is stored 24/7. “There is no need to worry that you may experience inconvenience in the event of problems (power outages, loss of internet, etc.): Salto KS is not affected – it works as usual, it does not lose its functionality, unlike others that need electricity. , extra batteries. Wireless access control systems remember people who walk often, so even if electricity and internet connection are lost, a person will still enter, ”explains T.Čepulis.

Visually intelligent door locking is no different from a regular lock. However, when you touch the scanner with an electronic key, the red (prohibit) or green (enable) indicator will light. To make the smart system easy to use for the visually impaired, the indicator also works in audio mode.

Possibilities of use

Salto’s intelligent access control system is an efficient solution for providing accommodation services and renting office space. In Lithuania, these systems are especially popular in science and health care institutions.

Affidea Lietuva provides diagnostic imaging and outpatient services throughout Lithuania – it has 25 health care centers with about 800 employees, and almost 372 thousand people are served every year. patients. For an institution with a wide network, where services are provided and confidential patient information is stored, it is important not only to ensure data security, but also to create a secure environment so that the customer can never open a door to those who should not be in the office at the time. Therefore, an intelligent access control system for Salto KS was installed in Affidea Lietuva’s centers.

“The wireless, real-time, functional system meets the needs of the institution, does not use any clinical resources, and has no interfaces with their computer network. The safety of health care and medical institutions is extremely important in protecting confidential data about the health of patients and the services provided. Precisely because of security, many similar institutions are reluctant to allow third-party systems into their computer networks, ”says T.Čepulis, CEO of Stentron.

Another non-standard non-jamming feature has been added in some Affidea Lietuva centers. During procedures, patient examinations, this feature prevents access even for those who can normally unlock the lock. When you touch the scanner, the indicator indicates that you cannot enter the office at a specific time. The function automatically shuts off when the door handle is pressed from the inside.

Wired, wireless or both together?

The Spanish company Salto is one of the leaders in the production of intelligent access control systems. The company is in the top five in the world: it’s hard to find a country without Salto’s smart systems, followed by similar systems. The innovation of Salto KS’s smart system is its efficient operation using cloud technology.

Salto KS is available in various types of locks: both standard wired and wireless access control systems. Smart locks can be installed not only in doors, but also in medicine or storage cabinets, even furniture. Locks can be remotely controlled and unlocked in real time.
The Salto KS system can be installed in both existing and existing buildings. By the way, in many cases, the wireless system is installed precisely in existing buildings, where it is difficult to introduce wired communications to a standard wired access control system, although – although more complicated – wired can be installed.

“When installing a wireless system, there is no need to run wires, fewer components are used, AAA-type batteries are used in the locks, depending on the frequency of cycles, and lasts for a year and a half,” says T.Čepulis. – The same system can have a combination lock – wired and wireless. In places where traffic is intense: the main entrances, the stairs – batteries will not be an efficient solution, so it is better to install a wired system and better wireless locks inside the building. ”

According to T.Čepulis, the head of Stentron, the intelligent Salto KS access control system is rapidly gaining popularity in Lithuania. In rooms where there is a large movement of people, many doors, activities involving sensitive, confidential information, an electronic key is the perfect solution to grant or revoke the right to unlock the door; trace who and when unlocked the door of one room or another. The keys provided by Salto KS’s intelligent access control system will never be guaranteed by traditional locks.

Photo by Aleksas Jaunius

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