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"Inter is family. Let me explain the "idiot". Before Barcelona I told the players … "- FC Inter 1908

Jose Mourinho he returns to speak and does it to the DAZN microphones with Diletta Leotta. The Special One is ready to return to the bench next summer: this and much more in the interview granted to the broadcaster's microphones. FcInter1908 will present the statements of the Portuguese coach live.

THE FUTURE – I returned to London after Madrid: now it is the starting point, the next stage will not be the Premier League. The trophies are my guarantee, even against those who do their utmost to forget it. The last trophy was the Europa League, it was only a year ago. The last final I played was eight months ago, but it's been over: I'm preparing for the future. It's not wasted time: when you work 18 years without stopping, there's no time to stop, to think about mistakes. I think these months have been useful without working.

MILAN – I found an incredible family that made me happy every day. The connection with the fans is the result of the results: when you win you are happy. We have won and we have created empathy that remains: on the street in London I get an Interist who embraces me. Italy has been a natural habitat for me: when I work in England I have to be different from my nature, while in Italy there is the incredible way to experience football every day. This is very Latin.

I AM NOT PIRLA – I had a fantastic professor, he did. he said that I had to learn some expressions that you could have in Milan to connect with people: and it came "idiot".

THE INTER – And family. Someone is still a player, someone is a coach, someone is in. permanent holiday: but we are there, as if it were yesterday. It is not possible to do something special just for the coach: he was a group and a special family. They brought out the best in me. I have helped many of them to reach the top, but many of them have succeeded with me. The speech before the Barcelona? It came out of my heart: when I won the first Champions, my son was 4 and in that season he told me he wanted to win the Champions League, but he could remember it. I talked about it with the players, talking about everyone's children: maybe it was the last chance for them to win it. We put that feeling in which we could stay for five hours and Barcelona would never have won.

IBRAHIMOVIC AL BARCELONA – At that moment we received the news in the locker room and he, a great guy with great self-esteem, said he wanted to win the Champions League. At that moment it came out spontaneously to tell him that maybe we would win. The team transformed the fear of losing a strong one like him into a goal, making it without him.

SNEIJDER – I wanted it, but it wasn't easy: he wanted to stay at the Real, they wanted to sell it, but not always. We have always been there, we decided to try it until the last: we put the pressure on Moratti, in love with Inter, and at the end we took it. Two days later he played against Milan.

SIENA – It is a fantastic city. Every time I arrived at the hotel and after dinner I took a walk in a top city. Then I remember the hardest day of my life to win a championship: I won eight, that was the worst. One week there was the Champions League final, it was very hot. The players weren't focused, Roma already won in Chievo. We scored the 1-0, they could equalize: I said that I wanted to win a scudetto last, after that day I would never say it again. But I also remember the one with Maicon: he had four crime novels, he wanted to take the fifth to go on vacation in Brazil. I told him he wouldn't go on vacation if he took the fifth. He said to me: "What if I score a goal?" I said, "You have to mark two." And he did them. He took off his shirt, took the yellow: we embraced. He went to Brazil, but had one more week for disqualification. My connection with Siena is strong.

THE LEADERSHIP – I wasn't a boss. It was a group with real captains and others that could be.

THE SINGLE – Now we are in a moment of change: it is a different generation. They are less open to criticism, they think less of the group: they are more difficult to manage. But we need to understand that we need a more individualized approach.

THE BIBLE ITS CALCISTICA – It serves for my son: next year he will go to the university of football methodology. Deserves to have it in hand. If I have to say a name to turn a team and that has a potential, Mbappé: I like it a lot.

VIRTU 'AND DEFECTS – I have unlimited knowledge, experience and ambition. I'm horrible with defeat, with people who have less motivation than me. Jose man is calm, emotional and thinks so much of others. Jose coach is pragmatic, emotionally intelligent but dominator. I like Jose person so much, it's a shame that people know more about the coach. The players to describe me? Someone will say "bastard".

WHY CHOOSE MOURINHO – You have to talk to me only if you think you win. I ask, "Do you want to win, are there conditions?" Then we can talk.

SPECIAL ONE – I never said I was, I never said I was special. Where will I go? Let's wait, I'm not under pressure. I will be very prepared for the next stage.


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