Inter Miami to play the first ever game in Los Angeles – NBC 6 South Florida

He is. Is. At the end. Happening.

It’s like a decade since David Beckham promised the South
He would give us a Senior Cycle Soccer franchise and is now modern
The road park has risen as freshwater from the declining Lockhart ashes
Stadium and Inter Miami CF are on its way to Los Angeles for the first time to play
game against LAFC Sunday.

All the players are on board to make history.

So how does it feel that the origin of the franchise will start?

“Exciting, that is, it’s a great experience for us
go and play against a very good LAFC team who won the Champions Shield
last year, and it’s going to be a great measuring stick to see where we are, ”
said Luis Robles, the veteran goalkeeper.

There are robes around the MLS block. So the defendant is A.J. DeLaGarza, who won three championships for the L.A. Galaxy, but it is still cool to be at beginner, for the first group of players who play for Beckham team.

“Yes, I think everyone is excited to be part of this
This is a great project, ”said DeLaGarza.

They are tired of practicing and training, these people are
trying to address the team with the best record in the series
last season.

“It’s obviously not a make or break game, it is the first one
the game of the season, but it is a game in which we can test ourselves against the
best in the series, ”said DeLaGarza.

Are there some nervous percent of this true test, the
the first time this franchise was on the pitch?

“Butterflies are always there and it’s good
allowing you to do something important, something worthwhile, something
this means something and especially this franchise since we are
making history, ”said Robles.

And speaking of history, Robles is the first Inter Miami
CF player to wear captain’s band.

“It is a great honor for me, I think I like being in this position,
but for me the most important thing is to empower guys, take them into account
the best position to succeed, that means talking to them, making sure they are
understand what this team needs to be successful, ”explains Robles.

Robles said it is also vital that he retains his mental mental colleagues right to deal with suspects and long season, particularly for an expanded team.

Their first test is in Los Angeles at 5:30 p.m. Sunday. The first home game at his sparkling new soccer domain is two weeks away.



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