Inter Milan 2:1 Ferran defends Italian Cup from Naoda Road

Inter Milan 2:1 Ferran defends Italian Cup from Naoda Road

【Now Sports】The Coppa Italia final was held at the Olimpico in Rome on Wednesday. Inter Milan scored twice with Nao Dalu Martinez and defeated Ferrandina 2:1, successfully defending the title. Inter Milan’s double arrows are Disco and Lautaro Martinez. Ferentina is composed of Igani, Adukabao and Nicolas Gansalis as a striker.

The goal appeared in less than 3 minutes. Igani made a cross from the left. Although Kabao failed to respond, Nicholas Gansalis scored with the far post unattended. Phelan had a good start. In the 29th minute, Posovi made a wonderful pass in the fast break, and Nao Dalu scored the 100th goal for Inter Milan from the right, which equalized 1:1. In the 37th minute, Ballina made a pass, and Nao Dalu volleyed. After drawing a good wave, Inter Milan went ahead 2:1 and finished the half.

In the 74th minute, Nicholas Gansalis kicked from the right, Handan Luowei easily rushed away, and then Bangnayuntura made a long shot from 25 yards, but it was too high, Viola failed to tie, Inter Milan narrowly won 2:1 and successfully defended the title for the 9th time.