The Nerazzurri coach: "Dimarco's handball is sensational"

Luciano Spalletti (LaPresse)

Four points in four days. The start of the Inter championship is a nightmare and Luciano Spalletti does not hide it: "Clear that being Inter and playing at San Siro in front of this audience, if you can not win and you are already in two defeats it becomes difficult to find excuses.We have to do more.I have responsibilities. first time we did well ". On the hands of Dimarco: "It's sensational, touches it with your elbow".

Spalletti analyzes the defeat: "In the first half we did well, we gave him some reboots that they did with everyone – added the Nerazzurri coach – In the second half we got confused to put something more, then that ball lost with the broken team. to the nice goal of Dimarco, he was good, we were there until the goal, then we got stuck because we were not precise and lucky ".

For the Nerazzurri coach it is a problem of excessive tension. "When you put a Politano, for example, then it seems that it does not make it … it's a question in terms of tension, one feels too much and is then limited, it is the attention, not the poor preparation for the game. some players make less than the coach can be challenged. "

Tuesday is the Tottenham in the Champions League debut. A meeting not to be wrong, even if the ko of D'Ambrosio complicates the plans. "D'Ambrosio's injury is a problem for us, with Asamoah being the only one available for Tuesday, I told him to be careful, there was a chance to win the game, but it did not happen and when things turn against you This is also the case: against Tottenham there is the possibility of seeing Skriniar more on the right, he is a player who can take certain responsibilities, and there is also a three-way defense with Miranda ".


Luciano spalletti




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