Mauro Icardi did not want to follow the team in the away match in Vienna. The statement, really sensational, is Luciano Spalletti at Sky Sports: "Tomorrow will be a very important game, we will have time to clarify the position of Icardi It was a difficult decision, painful, absolutely shared by all the components and taken for the good of Inter and the team. he did not want to come with the team, he was summoned, he was disappointed, but we felt it was difficult for us to make this decision and to go and communicate it .. There are situations to put on and I said it after Parma, what is success confirms it: if there is anyone who thinks of anything but the result of tomorrow night, he has made a wrong place to find himself.The decision was made at the right time, even if well reasoned, even though he suffered a lot. and the team he was captain in. We have to put all the attention on the game. "


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