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Interesting sports to feel the “Yellow Dragon” in the first battle of the Hangzhou Citizens Day of the Asian Games

2022-05-31 09:44:33

Source: Sports Tribune

Reporter Yang Kaichun Pan Xiaokun

On the evening of May 27, the first game of the Hangzhou Citizens Games, one of the important events of the second Hangzhou Citizens Day, was officially staged at the Huanglong Sports Center.

It is reported that a total of more than 100 people participated in this event, and ten events were set up, including the childhood iron ring race in childhood memories, who is the king of the picture, and the popular variety show game two-three-legged, kangaroo hopping, tiptoe back and forth (shiatsu board). At the same time, the Huanglong Sports Center Stadium is the venue for the Hangzhou Asian Games football event. The games of this Games combine football to set up shooting gantry, penalty shootout, two-person, three-legged and three football-related interesting projects.

At the event site, citizen Wang Jinlong just finished the penalty shootout and excitedly posed in various poses for his friends to take pictures of him. He said: “It was the first time I came in after the reopening of the Huanglong Stadium, and I was very excited, especially when I saw the lawn, I wanted to go up and play. A roll.” The bright, gorgeous color impact that catches the eye, feels particularly cool. “

Wang Zixin and Wang Ziyi, who participated in the two-legged trip, are twin sisters. They won a crushing victory. The audience who watched repeatedly said, “It’s taking off!” “Although they practiced at school, they were on the runway of Huanglong Stadium. It feels faster!” The twin sisters’ dad said, “I had so much fun, I guess I don’t even want to go home.”

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Shen Zhijun, the person in charge of this event, said that he hoped that through such an event, the citizens would enter the Asian Games competition venues in advance, experience the Asian Games with interesting sports, and look forward to the Asian Games. Next, the Citizens Games will also enter the Gongshu Canal Sports Park Gymnasium, Stadium, Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium (Big Lotus), and interested citizens can pay attention to it.

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