Interfaz Universal Audio Apollo Twin X Quad 100V/240V


Having good sound quality when recording your tracks is very important to make the leap from amateur to professional. That’s why this Universal Audio Apollo Twin X Quad audio interface is the one for you.

Complete recording
This device has 10 inputs, which allows you to input several sounds at the same time. The rule is that you need as many inputs as lines you want to record simultaneously, meaning you’ll use it for microphones and instruments and get a full recording in one go. In addition, it has 6 outputs that allow you to connect to your laptop and thus do the job in an integral way.

High quality
Thanks to its 192 kHz and its 24-bit audio resolution, you will ensure that all your recordings have outstanding quality and the melodies of each instrument and each voice will stand out.

Active Phantom Power
To give more power to the signal, this product has phantom or phantom power that optimizes the signal and provides constant power to all the audio devices you connect.