‘Interfloor noise’ killer wearing a hat… Consistency of ‘silent and unanswered’

Jung, the suspect in the ‘inter-floor noise conflict’ who bowed his head. news

A man in his 30s who killed a couple living upstairs due to a noise conflict between floors completed the interrogation of the suspect before arrest. When he left the courtroom, he remained silent without opening his mouth when asked if he was willing to apologize to the victim’s family.

On the morning of the 29th, the suspect Jung (34), who completed the warrant substantive examination at the Suncheon Branch, appeared with his head bowed while wearing a blue jumper and hat deeply.

Jung remained silent in answering reporters’ questions such as, “Are you willing to apologize to the victim’s family?” and “The details of the crime with a weapon,” and got into the police convoy.

Yeosu ‘noise between floors’ 4 people in their 30s. News 1

He was previously accused of stabbing and killing a couple in their 30s who lived upstairs in an apartment in Yeosu around 0:33 am on the 27th, and injuring their father-in-law and mother-in-law in their 60s. During the police investigation, Jung said, “For five years ago, I had a conflict with my family upstairs because of the noise between floors. We talked about noise between floors several times over the intercom,” he claimed. Earlier, on the 10th, Mr. A was also reported to have reported noise between floors. The police, who applied for an arrest warrant for Mr. Jung on charges of murder and attempted murder the day before, reported that he had committed a crime deliberately for purchasing a mountaineering knife. under investigation

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Meanwhile, the results of the arrest warrant review for Jung are expected to come out this afternoon.

Yeosu ‘noise between floors’ 4 people in their 30s. News 1

Cho Hye-sun, reporter for Donga.com [email protected]

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