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Interim Elections 2018 Polls LIVE: Trump MOCKS Obama expresses himself at the Indiana Rally

The US will be standing for election on 6 November for the midterm elections.

One third of the Senate and each seat in the House of Representatives, the two chambers that make up the Congress, are available for election.

Surveys show Democrats have a good chance of assuming the house, but the Senate seems to be under Republican control, and in a final move to keep the House at the GOP, President Donald Trump has the campaign with all his might attracted to you.

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Saturday, 3rd of November

2:22 pm Update: Cohen claims Trump said black people are "stupid"

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Trump's former lawyer called Schwarze "stupid."

Mr. Cohen said: "I told Trump that the rally on TV was vanilla.

"Trump replied, "That's because black people are too stupid to vote for me."

Update 1:30: Trump compares the crowd with Obama

During his speech in Indianapolis, Trump commented on the size of former President Barack Obama.

He said: "Barack Obama. I saw him speak today.

"He had a very small amount."

Trump said this during a high school.

12:26 pm Update: One steals the show at the Trump rally

During a rally in Indianapolis, Indiana, a man from the crowd stole Trump's show.

As he spoke, people watching the rally online or on television saw a man "dabbing" throughout the speech.

Ilham Omar speaks with followers

Ilham Omar speaks with followers (Image: GETTY)

Nicholas Frakes takes over the coverage of Amani Hughes

Friday, November 2nd

10.14 Clock Update: Obama warns of fear in the campaign

Barack Obama advocated support for Democratic candidates and warned them of terror as President Donald Trump pounded a harsh anti-immigration message to encourage the Republicans.

The former president had a common theme of democratic campaigns – the defense of the Health Law of 2010, which was his signature at home, while calling on Americans not to accept hostility and division in politics.

Obama said in Miami, "We have repeatedly seen attempts to share rhetoric that makes us angry and anxious.

"But in four days, Florida, you can check that kind of behavior."

Obama was flanked by Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, who faces former Congressman and strong Trump Supporter Ron DeSantis, and Senator Bill Nelson, who is being challenged by outgoing Governor Rick Scott.

Trump's campaign stops were aimed at supporting the Republicans who opposed the established Democratic senators in West Virginia and Indiana, which he won in 2016 in the presidential election.

"This election will determine if we are building on the extraordinary wealth we have unleashed … or if we are letting the radical Democrats take a huge demolition to America and into our future," Trump said in West Virginia.

According to opinion polls and impartial forecasters, Democrats generally have strong chances to win 23 additional seats and get a majority in the House of Representatives that they could use to start investigations into Trump's government and block its legislative agenda.

Interim election 2018:

2018 Interim Election: Barack Obama in an election campaign for the Democratic candidates of Florida (Photo: Getty)

21:19 Update: Celebrities from Hollywood push young people to vote

Hollywood's A-listers are pushing young people to vote on Tuesday.

More than 50 actors, comedians and YouTube stars will join Monday evening's two-hour live streamed Telethon, which aims to reach out to younger voters – the least likely to cast a vote.

During the "Telethon for America", the speed accelerators will urge viewers to call a prominent telephone bank and commit to vote the next day.

Comedian Chelsea Handler, who left her Netflix talk show a year ago to focus on activism, said she believes that young people expect "older, more responsible adults" to solve government problems.

"They just believe someone else will take care of it, it's not their problem and they may not be directly affected," the 43-year-old handler said in an interview.

In a survey conducted by Reuters / IPSOS in October, only 25 percent of 18-29 year-olds had a clear choice, the lowest percentage of all age groups.

20:47 Update: What are the latest survey forecasts?

The latest polls from Five Thirty Eight today predict the following:

house of representatives

Democrats 5 to 6 or 84.4 percent chance to win the house

Republicans 1 to 6 or 15.6 percent chance

The Democrats have gone over to gain an average of 38 seats


Republicans 6 in 7 chance or 85.1 percent of Senate control

Democrats have a 1 in 7 or 14.9 percent chance of profit control.

The Republicans have a majority of 23 seats in the House, where all 435 seats are available for re-election.

Although they only have a two-seat majority in the Senate, it is estimated that 18 of the 27 they hold will remain blue.

8:13 pm Update: What are the main governor races?

Voters in 39 states will elect governors this year, with more than 80 percent of the state's legislative seats standing for election.

Larry Sabato, director of the Virginia Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, said: "The country's most important work in public policy has been done in the states by state governors and legislators.

He added, "The governors and legislatures in most states, which have partial redistributive forms, will redistribute every seat in the US House, except in the states that have only one representative, as well as all the senate seats and the state house of the state the representative seats. "

The GOP currently has 33 governorships, compared to 16 for the Democrats.

All US governors have four-year terms, except those in the states of Vermont and New Hampshire, where the term of office is two years.

Interim elections 2018:

African American candidate Andrew Gillum is against Republican Republican Ron DeSantis in Florida (Photo: Getty)

7.35pm Update: Barack Obama beats Republican for "constant fearfulness"

The former president attacked Donald Trump and the Republicans because of their mixed rhetoric, number of charges, and "constant fearfulness."

Speaking in Miami, Obama said, "They tell you that the existential threat to America is a bunch of poor refugees 1,000 miles away." "They even take our brave troops out of their families to make a political stunt on the border, and the men and women of our military deserve more than that."

20:20 Update: Obama says Floridians "Tuesday could be the most important choice of our lives"

Barack Obama sat down at a rally in Miami, Florida on Friday for Mayor of Tallahassee, Andrew Gillum.

In his speech, the former president said, "The real reason why I came to Miami is that this Tuesday could be the most important choice of our lives.

"The politicians will always say that, but this time it is indeed true, the stakes are really so high.

Obama added, "The consequences of each of us staying home are more dangerous because America is at a crossroads."

Interim Election 2018

2018 Midterm Elections: Obama said the bet is high on the 2018 midterm elections (Image: GETTY)

6:56 pm Update: Half-Weekly Election Campaign MOST EXPENSIVE in History

The midterm elections of 2018 prove to be a costly affair.

In Texas, Democrat Beto O'Rourke and Republican incumbent Ted Cruz spent a total of $ 93 million on their campaigns before the elections.

Overall, the Center for Responsive Politics has forecast more than $ 5 billion for the election.

No midterm elections have ever exceeded $ 4.2 billion.

18:17 Update: Thousands of citizens of Georgia must be allowed to choose the Judges Directive

A federal judge has ruled that 3,141 recently naturalized US citizens will have to vote after their voter registration has been shelved.

This is a defeat for Secretary of State Georgia and Republican candidate Brian Kemp.

Voting activists say many of them are minority voters.

Kristen Clark, President of the Civil Rights Lawyers Committee, said: "This will eliminate the unfair burdens that voters would face on election day."

Zwischenwahlen 2018

Intermediate Elections: 3,141 are put to the polls after their voter registration has been shelved (Image: GETTY)

5:35 pm Update: Romney talks about Trump, who calls the media "an enemy."

In a blog post published on Thursday, November 1, Mitt Romney criticized US President Donald Trump's rhetoric against the media industry.

In his post, Mr. Romney wrote: "Sure, every president endured stories that he knew were inaccurate, and disturbed one or more news releases …

"But never has an American president denounced the American press or any of its professionals as an" enemy of the people. "

5:05 pm Update: Thousands of people are coming to see Obama speak

Barack Obama is expected to speak at a rally in Miami on Friday afternoon local time.

Thousands of people have already begun to see the speech of the former president.

Obama is fighting for Andrew Gillum, the mayor of Tallahassee, who runs for the governor.

The speech will take place at the Ice Palace Film Studios in Miami.

Watch the crowd rise to see Obama,

Zwischenwahlen 2018

2018: A large crowd has gathered to see former President Obama speak in Miami (Image: TWITTER: GREGJKRIEG)

4.26 am Update: Senators call on Facebook to fix "loopholes" that allow users to lie around source of political ads

A recent report by Vice News reveals that Facebook's new policy ads is easy to manipulate so that users can display ads under established identities.

Senators Amy Klobuchar and Mark Warner urge Mark Zuckerberg to close the gap and call the problem "deeply disturbing."

In a joint statement, the two Democrats said, "We appreciate the work Facebook has done to implement the Honest Ads Act, our legislation to create transparency and accountability for paid online political advertising," states a joint statement.

"However, it is becoming increasingly clear that Facebook has big gaps that allow potential adversaries to use their platform with continued disinformation efforts."

Zwischenwahlen 2018

Mark Zuckerberg is urged to correct Facebook's gap in the new policy provisions (Image: GETTY)

Update at 16:10: President Donald Trump is outraged by a "crazy, crazy" constitutional amendment

Trump has classified the constitutionally protected provision of birth rights as "crazy, crazy politics".

On Thursday night, the US President again attacked the 14th subamendment, which guarantees that even US-born children of undocumented immigrants are American citizens.

And today, Trump has praised the stringent asylum restrictions and has turned his attention to consolidating GOP power.

He even said US troops could target members of the caravan, a group of asylum seekers who go to the United States.

3.50 am Update: No foreign attack on the electoral infrastructure in the center known

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said the department had experienced "continued attempts" to gain access to electoral systems.

However, the few attempts to gain access did not come from abroad.

She said, "What would be weird if we did not see any attempts … So we do not have any activities that we attribute to a foreign organization in the electoral infrastructure."

Zwischenwahlen 2018

2018: Barack Obama travels to Florida on Friday to compete for Andrew Gillum (Image: GETTY)

15:35 Update: Obama proposes campaign to strengthen Florida and Georgia

Former President Barack Obama will advertise in Miami on Friday afternoon local time for Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum.

Gillum could become the first African-American governor of Florida to win next week.

And the Democrats hope that Obama's visit to the Sunshine State Gillum can outdo him in a race he has narrowly led.

After visiting the former president in Miami, he will travel to Atlanta to meet with the former minority leader of the state Stacey Abrams.

15:05 Update: President Trump has made thousands of false or misleading claims since he accepted his presidency

According to a Washington Post analysis, President Trump made false or misleading claims for 649 days.

According to the analysis, the US President made 1,318 false or misleading claims in the first nine months of his presidency.

That's an average of five per day.

However, in the seven weeks leading up to 2018 midterm elections, Trump made 1,419 false or misleading claims – an average of 30 per day.

Ted Cruz

Polls show that Republican senator Ted Cruz has a three point advantage over his challenger (Image: GETTY)

Update 2.58: Latest polls show Republican Ted Cruz in Texas leads Beto O & Rourke

Polls show that Republican Senator Ted Cruz has a three point advantage over his challenger Democrat Rep. Beto O'Rourke.

The latest survey, while still leading, shows a narrower gap between candidates.

Internal Republican surveys indicate that Mr Cruz is about eight points ahead, which is not reflected in public opinion polls.

This shows the importance of turnout: when voter turnout is as high as expected, especially after high voter turnout.

Mr. Cruz leads Mr. O. Rourke from 50% to 47% among the likely voters polled in the Emerson College poll published Thursday, with two percent still undecided.

The election of 781 likely voters in Texas was conducted on October 28 and 30 and has an error rate of 3.7 percentage points.


Update 2:55: Betting trends indicate that the Republicans will lead Democrats CLOSE

Only a few days until the 2018 interim elections, the political weather of the blue-wave outlook is somewhat weaker than certain experts and parts of the media.

The odds suggest that the Democrats have a 2 to 3 chance of occupying the house, but many are willing to bet against it, in a situation identical to Trump's victory in 2016.

Here are the latest odds:

  • Democrats 1/2 – 66 percent chance of winning
  • Republicans 6/4 – 33 percent chance of winning
  • No overall majority 100/1 – 1 percent chance of winning
  • Democrats exactly 226 seats
  • Republicans exact seats 203

Zwischenwahlen 2018

Interim Elections 2018: Presumably, Democrats have a 2 to 3 chance of seizing the house (Image: GETTY)

14:45 Update: Democrats reveal their TOP PRIORITY: Trump to investigate and indict

According to The Daily Beast, 37 percent of Democrats said it was their top priority to "investigate and possibly prosecute Trump."

The survey was commissioned by Ipsos for The Daily Beast. There, respondents were asked what priority the legislature would have after the vote on 6 November.

The next popular response was "fix problems with our healthcare system" at 34 percent.

2.28pm Update: 22 states + DC exceeded their premature total for 2014

In 22 states and Washington DC, early poll numbers exceeded those of 2014.

15:08 Update: Three states vote on measures to limit abortion rights

Voters in states such as West Virginia, Oregon and Alabama have a right to abortion in this election.

The three-year support of the three US states for abortion rights is being tested in November by a group of determined activists who are pushing an initiative to ban state funding for most abortions.

This follows Brett M. Kavanaugh's affirmation before the Supreme Court and large concerns from proponents of abortion rights that a new Conservative consensus on the Supreme Court's groundbreaking ruling by Roe v. Wade could reverse the restrictions imposed by the previous procedure The fetus is viable.

In the highly charged abortion debate, the commitment is high for both sides.

Interim Election 2018

2018 Halftime: Demonstrators in Oregon campaign for women's right to abortion in 2017 (Image: GETTY)

Update at 13:30: Trump has released what has been called one of history's most racist political ads

The ad shows Bracamontes, who was sentenced to death, laughed in court and vowed to kill more officers.

Words on the screen read: "Democrats have let him into our country. Democrats let him stay. "

The ad then shows migrants pulling at a border fence.

13:15 Update: More than 25 million people have voted early

According to data collected by Catalist, at least 25,859,552 votes were cast early today or by post.

So far, we know that more women than men have voted and a high percentage is older.

12.40 pm Update: Former President George H.W. Bush votes early with his two best friends

Former President George H.W. Bush was seen yesterday when he entered a polling station to vote.

Mr. Bush was accompanied by his two best friends – Jim Baker and his dog Sully.

The former president is one of thousands of Americans who voted early before the 2018 mid-term election this year.

Mr. Bush's spokesman Jim McGrath tweeted a photo of the opportunity and said, "The 41st President, accompanied by his two best friends – Jim Baker and Sully – is fulfilling his civic duty today and voting."

Zwischenwahlen 2018

2018 Interim Elections: Former President George W.H. Bush saw yesterday how he cast his vote (Image: TWITTER: JIM McGRATH)

12:15 pm Update: The year of the women

For the first time in US history, most Democratic Party candidates are not whites.

According to Sky News, women, minorities, LGBTQ and first candidates have won the primaries in record numbers.

This means that the traditional insider republicans are being pushed to the brink of Trump's party.

It is believed that voters on both sides want more authentic, less polished and non-established candidates.

Campaigns such as #metoo, March for Our Lives, and Black Lives Matter are likely to have heavily influenced this year's midterm elections and the election of Americans.

Amalie Henden takes over live coverage from Kate Whitfield

Zwischenwahlen 2018

Zwischenwahlen 2018: Zephyr Teachout for the Democratic Party (Image: GETTY)

23:50 Update: Trump says that he tells the truth "when he can"

US President Donald Trump says he always tries to tell the truth when he can, even though the media portray him.

"I'm trying," he told ABC News in an interview broadcast on Thursday. "I always want to tell the truth, if I can, I'll tell the truth."

Mr. Trump has been repeatedly criticized by US media and opponents for lied and distorting the truth about questions.

11:20 pm Update: Hillary Clinton recording SHOCK

The former undersecretary and two-time presidential candidate admitted that she "would like to become president" when she stated that she would reflect on her political future after the elections on 6 November.

When asked if she wanted to run again, Ms. Clinton said, "No, no," before she admitted, "now I want to become president."

71-year-old Hillary Clinton then seemed bizarre to recite her career experience, saying she felt "very well prepared" for the "work" that awaits a new Democratic president in 2020.

READ MORE: Could Hillary Clinton run again for the president?

Intermediate Elections: Hillary Clinton

Midterm elections: Could Hillary Clinton run again for the president? (Photo: Getty)

10.30 am Update: Oprah throws herself behind Georgia's Stacey Abrams

The talk show superstar, Oprah Winfrey, knocked on the doors to get voters behind Georgia Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams.

Oprah, 64, gave a rousing speech to Democrat supporters ahead of next Tuesday's election, calling Abrams "changemaker."

She spoke in front of a predominantly female audience north of Downtown Atlanta: "I'm here today because Stacey Abrams takes care of the things that matter.

"I came here today because of the men and because of the women who were lynched, who were humiliated, discriminated, oppressed, oppressed and oppressed.

"I refuse to let her victims be in vain."

Behind Abrams are also the names of former President Barack Obama and Hollywood as Will Ferrel and Mark Ruffalo.

READ MORE: Who is Stacey Abrams?

9.30 am Update: What are the latest polls?

Democrats have a good chance of seizing the House of Representatives, according to polling site FiveThirtyEight, which polls and combines polls from multiple platforms to get as "probabilistic" estimates as possible.

Recent polls show that the Democrats have an 85.3 percent Chance to take the house.

The Senate sees less hope for the Democrats, with only 15.0 percent likely to take control.

READ MORE: What do the averages decide?

Election card for interim elections

Midterm elections: This card shows the chance that each candidate wins in all 435 home districts (Photo: FiveThirtyEight)

8.50 am Update: Oprah says: "Mid-season is important"

At an event in Georgia, Sky News told Sky News, "The most important thing people can do now is use your power to vote in the middle of the election."

The talk show presenter of American television has used her immense popularity for the Democrats.

8.20 am Update: Ivanka Trump joins the campaign path

Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka, appeared unexpectedly in Iowa Thursday night when she joined the campaign.

Ivanka spoke with Republican Governor Kim Reynolds and spoke to a crowded room at the headquarters of the Reynolds campaign.

Mr. Reynolds is locked in a tight competition for Iowa with Democratic challenger Fred Hubbell.

READ MORE: Will Donald Trump be DOOMED by this key factor?

Intermediate elections: Trump waves to the fans

Intermediate Elections: Trump beckons supporters during a campaign rally at Columbia Regional Airport (Photo: Getty)

midterm elections

Intermediate Elections: Donald Trump supporter at a rally in Missouri (Photo: Getty)

8:00 am Update: Record-breaking early turnout nearly doubled since 2014

The early vote, which is offered in most countries as a means of simplifying coordination and avoiding long queues, has seen record participation.

The year 2014 Split times In the six days before the election, a total of 12,938,596 votes were cast, compared with 24,024,621 votes cast by Wednesday.

These figures are similar to the presidential election, which proves how controversial and important these interludes are.

And the race is still open: BStates like Texas – where progressive candidates like Beto O'Rourke have threatened to sink Republican officials such as Ted Cruz have seen early turnout at record levels before Election Day.

7.00 am Update: Teenagers could influence the election

Early voting among young people in major US battlefield countries has increased dramatically in the run-up to the Midterm on 6 November.

In the traditionally republican states of Texas and Georgia, the early election rate for 18 to 29-year-olds has risen almost five-fold compared to 2014.

In Texas, youth turnout has risen by 508 percent.

40% of 18 to 29-year-olds in the National Institute for Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government were planning to "definitely vote" – twice as many as in 2014.

And 66 percent of the polled young voters said they would vote for the Democrats.


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