Interior, justice, health ministers are starting to form their own firms

  • A prefect on the inside

The interior minister Gérard Collomb, to the Elysée presidential palace, on may 18.

The prefect of the region, Stéphane Fratacci, was appointed director of the cabinet of Gérard Collomb.

– Mr. Fratacci, a graduate of HEC and a former student of the ENA, 53-year-old, has especially exercised the functions of director of public freedoms and legal affairs at the ministry of the interior (2001 to 2006). Prefect of the Aisne (2007-2009), he was then appointed secretary general of the ministry of immigration, integration, national identity and solidarity development, and then in 2012, prefect of the Doubs, prefect of the Franche-Comté. He was there at the time of the expulsion of Leonarda Dibrani, a collégienne rom returned with her family to Kosovo in October 2013. Mr. Fratacci is a chevalier of the Legion of honour and officer of the national Order of Merit.

Nicolas Lerner, the current coordinator for security to the prefect of Corsica, becomes deputy director of the cabinet. Passed by the ENA, Mr. Lerner was appointed in 2004 in the body of civil administrators and assigned to the general secretariat at the ministry of the interior, internal security and local liberties. He has been chargé de mission to the director of modernisation and territorial action, and then as deputy chief of the bureau of elections and political studies at the sub-directorate of political affairs and associative life. In 2006, he was appointed sub-prefect, director of the office of the prefect of the region of Languedoc-Roussillon. In 2008, he became chief of cabinet of the prefect of police of Paris. He was appointed in 2012, deputy director of the office of the prefect of police before becoming in 2014 the sub-prefect of Béziers.


  • justice, a cabinet very ” digital “

the minister of justice, François Bayrou, may 18 at the Elysée.

The new minister of justice, François Bayrou, is surrounded by the faithful, but also of specialists in the digital and questions of moralisation of the public life to form his cabinet :

– Edouard Geffray, secretary-general of the national Commission on informatics and liberties (CNIL), has been appointed director of the cabinet. Enarque of 38 years, he has been rapporteur of the text presented in 2011 by the vice-president of the Council of State, Jean-Marc Sauvé, on the moralization of public life.

– the assistant to The director of the cabinet will be the judge Stéphane Hardouin, 45 years, his career path has led in court but also in the high administration. He has been responsible for a huge it project, the implementation of the system Cassiopeia (application delivery chain, supporting the information system oriented criminal procedure and children) for the capture, recording and processing of the records of the criminal justice system

Pierre-Emmanuel Portheret, 46 years, former secretary-general of the prefecture of the Morbihan, has been named chief of staff. Most notably he was director of cabinet of François Bayrou as chairman of the UDF and deputy director of campaign during the presidential elections of 2007 and 2012.

– Nicolas Pernot, director general of the services of Pau, the stronghold of the minister, is appointed as a special advisor and should take an important role within the firm.

– Laurence Farreng, 50 years old, will be in charge of the communication. After a career in advertising, it ensured the communication of François Bayrou in the town hall of Pau and its suburbs.

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  • An insurer to the department of health

The health minister Agnès Buzyn at the Elysée, the may 18

The deputy director-general of the group of social protection, Humanis, Gilles de Margerie, 61, is the director of the cabinet of the new minister Agnès Buzyn, a-t-on learned Friday of the entourage of the minister of solidarity and health.

It should leverage its experience within the group, joint and mutual, where he was responsible for financial matters, savings and international, to implement two major promises of Emmanuel Macron : the rest to zero-load for the optical, dental prosthetics and hearing by 2022, and the harmonization of the many pension plans in a universal plan.

Sound profile of an insurer is already reacting, fearing doctors, in particular the weight gained by the complementary health (mutual, pension institutions, private insurance) in their sector. According to a source within Humanis, Mr. Margerie has greatly contributed to the recovery of the group born in 2012 from the merger of six entities of the social protection.

Graduate, mandarin, Gilles de Margerie has previously worked in ministerial offices there are near thirty years old : that of Roger Fauroux, minister for industry and regional development in the territory, and then as a technical adviser to Michel Rocard in Matignon.

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