Interior mediation prevents the Civil Guard from sanctioning a Bildu deputy



Minister Grande Marlaska himself contacted Jon Iarritu hours after the incident.

Iarritu, in the Health Commission.

It all happened yesterday Thursday. In the security device due to the state of alarm, the Civil Guard detained one of their roadblocks to the deputy of Bildu Jon Iarritu.

He was returning from Madrid to his home in Pas Vasco. It was the deputy himself who reported this situation on his Twitter account.

According to his account, the Civil Guard informed him at first that they were going to propose him for sanction, considering that he had violated the rules of the state of alarm regarding confinement. The deputy explained that he was returning to his usual home after having worked in Congress. He let them know his status as a Member of Parliament.

I explained to them that the trip was undertaken at the end of the Health Commission in Congress in which the minister intervened this Thursday Salvador Illa.

He showed his DNI and his parliamentary credential. “After 20 minutes, they inform me that they are going to sanction me. They do not want to explain the reason or give me the receipt. After calling they apologize for the error,” Iarritu said.

And it is that in those minutes, according to Europa Press, there was an Interior mediation. From this department, even, the minister Grande Marlaska He contacted Iarritu himself after the incident “out of deference to being a deputy with whom, in addition, he has a habitual relationship.” According to Interior, Iarritu told the minister that the Civil Guard treatment “has been correct.”

From the Interior, mediation is framed in this deference to the deputy, since they understand that “he has not been sanctioned because it was a displacement clearly contemplated by the royal decree of the state of alarm.” The Secretary of State for Security has also been interested in this incident reported by Iarritu himself on social networks.

By the same control of the Civil Guard passed the president of Cantabria, Miguel nguel Revilla, while the deputy of Bildu was being warned. Revilla was pleased that there was a large presence of the Armed Institute on the roads controlling the confinement. And he provided on his Twitter account a photo of the Civil Guard next to a vehicle stopped at the highway. Iarritu answered him saying that the vehicle in his photo was his.

On his Twitter account, this Thursday night Iarritu accused the commander who stopped him at the traffic control of wanting to fine him “for the face.” “If they do it with a deputy, what will they not do with the rest of the citizens …”, added the representative of EH Bildu.

The case has raised a significant stir within the Civil Guard. From the Asociación pro Guardia Civil (Aprog) they warned that they will be very attentive to any type of action by the Interior on the agents who stopped the deputy “From Aprog we make ourselves available to any partner participating in this device in case of having suffered any type of interference in the course of service. “

From Jupol, the police union, also on Twitter it was also pointed out: “The deputies charge per diems, they have domicile in Madrid and they can return to their residence, but the police do not.”

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