Interjet accuses Credito Real of making its restructuring impossible – El Sol de México

Interjet accused the Credito Real company of making its restructuring impossible, keeping its president in jail, after he ended operations since December 2020 due to the fall of flights due to the pandemic.

On September 9, Alejandro del Valle, president of Interjet, was arrested in the south of the country’s capital for allegedly committing fraud and participating as a joint debtor in a loan requested from Crédito Real by Cabal Peniche and his wife Teresa Pasini, who it was not paid.

The debt with the financial company amounted to 695 million pesos, for which Cabal Peniche ceded its shares in Sistema Radiópolis to Crédito Real to avoid stepping on jail; although his action did not free his joint debtor, Alejandro del Valle.

Carlos del Valle del Río, Interjet spokesperson, announced that both its president and Cabal Peniche acted as joint debtors and that the credit granted by Crédito Real “went directly to the company of Cabal Peniche’s wife, Teresa Pasini, who was the only one who received the money directly ”.

“The intention to obstruct the restructuring and rescue of Interjet is clear on the part of Crédito Real, since even accepting that the original debt has been duly covered, and the withdrawal of any lawsuit against Cabal Peniche and his wife has even been requested, he insists on continuing the process against the president of Interjet with no other objective than to harm, without clarifying what his true intention is and why he wants to obstruct the return of Interjet, “the spokesperson said in public position.

On October 20, Interjet trusted that the agreement reached between Cabal Peniche and Crédito Real would resolve the situation of Alejandro del Valle, so it now relied on the correct action of the authorities involved.

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Likewise, the spokesperson asserted that the airline will continue with its rescue process, as it had announced its return in 2022.

“We are sure that the authorities will soon decide in accordance with the law the release of Interjet president, Alejandro del Valle, which will continue with the process of rescuing the airline and the return of work sources,” said Carlos del Valley.