International automakers are the ‘target’ of Trump: Hyundai


A senior executive in the United States of South Korea Hyundai Motor he said this Friday that the president Donald Trump It has “targeted” the international automotive companies with tariff threats, showing little respect for whether those automakers build vehicles in the US and employ Americans. “What is scary is that there seems to be a lot of talk about the companies based on imports and it is not considered that there is a large number of vehicles produced here by international companies,” he said. Brian Smith , operations director of Hyundai Motor America, during an interview. “All the talk about tariffs is not about, ‘Well, we will produce here in the United States and all is well.’ It is rather that international companies seem to be being targeted.” Smith was one of 10 car executives who met with the president at the White House last month to discuss issues that included trade. In a matter of weeks, the Department of Commerce He began to investigate whether imported automobiles were threatening the national security of the United States, and that the administration would be considering tariffs of up to 25 percent. President Trump traveled to Canada this Friday for the meeting of the Group of Seven after having agitated the commercial tensions with the allies of the United States. Hyundai produces more than half of the models it sells in the United States, including the Sonata sedan and the Santa Fe sports utility vehicle, in a factory in Alabama that employs 2,700 full-time workers.


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