“International Cai” is showing off again! Jolin Tsai collaborates with top 100 DJ Steve Aoki and the new generation of American singer Max to collaborate on the new Chinese and English version of the new single | Vogue Taiwan

Top 100 DJ Steve Aoki participates in Jolin’s new song “Nothing bad” Provided by Liquid State

Steve Aoki, who was shortlisted for Best Producer at the Grammy Music Awards, also expressed that he was very happy to be able to participate in this song. “In addition to the lyrics that express the concept of “We are all beings in the dark, we are equal”, he is also very excited to have me. The enthusiasm and hard work brought to this song that collaborated with Jolin Tsai and MAX, we can collaborate across time zones, and I think we can create something special for everyone.”

Max learns Chinese for the new song “Nothing Bad” Provided by Liquid State

Known as “one of the most popular pop stars” by American music bulletin board Billboard, MAX is the first to learn Chinese for this song, and said that it is a great honor to be able to collaborate with two top artists, Jolin Tsai and Steve Aoki. “I have known Steve Aoki for a long time, and his professionalism and production ability are admirable; Jolin Tsai’s talent is infinitely admired by me, her voice is moving, and her professional attitude towards work is the motivation for me to study Chinese hard. This collaboration is definitely an unforgettable experience for me.” And MAX’s ability to sing in Chinese also made Jolin exclaimed, “Max’s Chinese sings are very standard without losing the sexy voice of his own voice, which is great!”

Because of the concept of “None is bad” describing “in the dark, we are all timid, and because of this, we are all equal”, when emotions fall into a black hole, Jolin said that his way to welcome the light is to “write a diary” “She said, “I will accompany myself by writing a diary. This is how I love myself. It is a very private but real company.” She also laughed and said that she was relatively lazy in the past two years and has been experiencing it because The pace of life changed by the epidemic has slowed down, especially because of the epidemic. I stay at home more often and fall in love with cleaning. “Because I stay at home for a long time, I will pay more attention to the cleanliness of the home. I feel that staying in a tidy environment will be more comfortable. Cleaning is really magical.”

The bilingual version of “Equal In The Darkness” (Equal In The Darkness) was officially launched on 10/21.