International Conference on the Role of Religion in Building Peace

TEHRAN (IQNA) – An international scientific conference will be held in Iran on the theme of the role of religion in building peace around the world.

Entitled “Religions and Peacemaking in the Third Millennium; Capacities and Challenges”, the conference is organized by the Iranian Academic Association for Peace Studies. It will take place in January 2023.

To talk a bit more about this event, IQNA spoke to the Association’s President, Dr. Mandana Tisheiar spoken.

Iqna: Tell us about the goals of this conference.

Dr. Tisheiar: Thank you very much for your invitation. The Iranian Scientific Organization for Peace Studies was founded in 2015 and has tried to develop peace studies in Iran from various aspects over the past few years. During the last years we had tried to hold our annual conference on an international level. Therefore, as we had discussed with our colleagues on the Peace Studies and Religion Committee, it was proposed to hold an international conference on religion and peace building in the third millennium. The main goal of this conference is to develop and study what role religions can play in controlling the current tensions and problems. You know, our society faces various problems: terrorism, fundamentalism, environmental problems, ethnic tensions, gender tensions, and religious tensions among cults. In order to find a solution, we thought that we would provide an opportunity for various religious thinkers, scholars and the religious elite from different countries, especially from our religion, to discuss more about the ways religions can play in controlling tensions and bring both security and peace to our world. Therefore, the main goals of this conference can be summed up in these things.

IQNA: Thank you for your detailed answer. What are the main themes of this conference?

Dr. Tisheiar: We tried to find different topics from different field studies to cover more areas in this conference. For example, it is important to see how religious teaching can help to achieve public peace, or what the religious idea is about tolerance, equality, how we can use religions to stop colonialism and backwardness in different societies, how we can reduce tensions between different societies ethnic and religious groups in different countries. As you can see, various professors and researchers from different social sciences and humanities can participate in this program.

IQNA: Thank you very much. What are the key dates of this conference?

Dr. Tisheiar: In our initial notice, we asked researchers and scientists to send the abstract of their paper by July 21, 2022, and then the full article by November 21, 2022. We hope to hold the conference on January 18th and 19th can host in 2023. Articles can be submitted in both English and Persian. The conference will take place face-to-face and online in parallel.

IQNA: You mean that the conference will be held in both languages?

Dr. Teishiar: Yes, exactly.

IQNA: Thank you very much. The last question is this: How do you use the influences of the previous conferences on this conference?

Dr. Teishiar: By the way, this is the first time that we focus on this topic, religion, but recently colleagues in the Peace Society had done their best to produce books and articles in Iran, which is a new area of ​​research here, by the way. A few months ago, on February 5th, we had our fifth conference over „Academia and Peacebuilding in Nowruz Cultural Sphere“ held. It was the first time we had held a conference at a regional level. People from thirteen countries of Nowrus region took part in this conference. It has been a very fruitful program as a two-volume book has been published in Persian and English, both looking at the role that universities, professors and students can play in building peace and prosperity at the regional level.

The interview was conducted by Mohammad Ali Haqshenas.