Health International Donors, Governments must Address National Security, Outbreak Preparedness,...

International Donors, Governments must Address National Security, Outbreak Preparedness, Public Participation for Ebola Vaccine Success, Deir Opinion Piece


Syndicate Project: Why the Ebola vaccine is not enough
Ifeanyi M. Nsofor, CEO of EpiAFRIC and Director of Policy and Advocacy for Nigeria Health Watch

“… Without a doubt, [the recently approved Ebola vaccine] Ervebo could make progress in tackling future Ebola outbreaks. However, to help protect health workers and communities, the vaccine must be delivered safely, sustainably and fairly. Ebola seems unlikely to be endemic in many countries, due to security, systemic and social challenges. If these challenges are not addressed, Ervebo will not be effective. … Above all, international donors need to work closely with African governments and national public health institutions to ensure that the vaccine can be delivered to all who need it ”(1/16).


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