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To replace the many Pride Marches that cannot take place on Saturday June 27 due to the coronavirus, an online parade has been found.

A “Global Pride” thus promises to bring the spirit of the event to life, with a special party broadcast live on the Internet for 24 hours. The organizers, who bring together officials from several pride walks around the world, hope to bring together several hundred million people.

Kick-off was at 6 a.m. London time. The marathon event is presented by singer and drag queen Todrick Hall, made famous by the show American Idol. Among the headliners, pop singers Kesha and Ava Max, but also political guests like Carlos Alvarado, the president of Costa Rica, a country that has just legalized same-sex marriage.

This forced switch to online festivities also represents an opportunity for organizers, who hope to reach a audience plus diverse, in dozens of countries where homosexuality remains illegal and punishable by law.

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