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International travel restarted their operations on October 5 and this week the 15 days of evaluation would be fulfilled for the Government to determine the reopening of more destinations, according to the Association of International Air Transport Companies (AETAI).

Currently, flights can only be made directly to seven countries in the region: Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Chile.

However, the Peruvian Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies (Apavit) denounces that some airlines such as Latam would be selling tickets to destinations that have not yet been authorized by the Peruvian government.

“This airline sells non-existent flights to unauthorized destinations and, when the boarding date approaches, it tells passengers that they are going to reschedule them. It is misleading advertising, since the destination was never authorized,” warned Ricardo Acosta, president of Apavit to Turiweb.

Given this, Carlos Gutiérrez, general manager of Aetai indicates that the sale of tickets to other unauthorized destinations is not prohibited. That is, the passengers they can travel to other destinations not included in the reactivation of the sector by making stopovers.

“In reality there is no restriction (for the sale of air tickets to destinations without authorization to take off from Lima) and -on the contrary- there should not be as long as the user is informed that it is a connecting destination. For example The direct flight to Miami is not authorized but I can do it via Santiago, Panama or Bogotá“Gutierrez told Gestió

The AETAI representative indicates that most airlines indicate to their users that the purchase of tickets to unauthorized destinations are made on connecting flights or are subject to government approval.

Regarding the return of money to passengers who purchased a ticket before the pandemic, Gutierrez points out that a ‘travel voucher’ will be given to “honor the debt later” due to liquidity problems of the airlines.

“We hope – as a union – that on Wednesday, the day the Council of Ministers is held, we can have the good news of the restart of operations for direct flights to Brazil, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, the United States and – if possible – to all countries with open borders“Gutiérrez pointed out regarding the possible reopening of more international destinations.


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