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International photos show new aliens

Welcome some really crazy alien agents.

Only a day after the unveiling of hot action details for Men in Black: International, plus a few on-set snaps and one of the coolest magazine covers we've ever seen Weekly entertainment revealed the first look at the new aliens that were featured in the upcoming movie by director Just Outta Compton and The fate of the angry Helmer F. Gary Gray.

The photos, released as part of the branch's latest cover story, feature four unique aliens, including Tessa Thompson's Agent M and Chris Hemsworth's "charming and legendary" Agent H, one of the finest ever to wear the suit. "will interact as they travel around the world to find a mole hiding in black men's ranks, their mission going in an unexpected direction as" an envoy of a powerful alien government is killed on his watch " – which means that there may be more villains in which to be crushed International as there was ever in one Men in black Movie before.

This scum of the universe includes creepy, malevolent aliens like Worm Aliens producer Walter F. Parkes, who had previously been angry: "Do not be surprised if you see the Worm aliens make a brief appearance" – and a three-armed alien called Riza. portrayed by Rebecca Ferguson, who appears on the screen in half-live action, half-CGI. But there will also be some good aliens to balance things – like the "Alien Sidekick" Pawny voiced by The big sick person Actor Kumail Nanjiani, who does not seem to be one of the terrible creatures agents H and M deal with.

EW Concrete details about these new characters could not be served, but the outlet provided shots of a handful of non-vicious alien buddies fans will meet Men in Black: International, The first is a close-up of an alien-dressed man dressed in a classic Men in Black uniform: a black suit, a white shirt, a simple tie. According to Outlet, when an alien wears this look, "it means that it is indeed a MiB agent."

At least two more foreign agents will appear in Internationalsecond EWThe published photo shows a male alien with purple skin and sticky blue ribs sticking out of his head, and a pink and yellow-skinned female ET, both of whom carry the agency's signatures.

Those aliens who are not in the suit and instead wear either whatever their ET heart (or heart, you never know what kind of anatomy an alien hides) or the uniform of another black men's sector -Organization has assigned them, according to a "support" of MiB agents International Filmteam member "who has been sworn to secrecy." The last photo shows such an alien, a green guy with grasshopper, who was seen pushing a mail van.

Take a look at the four alien sidekicks in the photos below.

Not only will Men in Black: International Bring all-new aliens into the fold, but the movie will also provide so much freshness that you swear you've been to Subway. (Alright, alright, lame joke, keep going.) There are the new leading agents who are not meant to replace them Men in black Legend Will Smith as Agent J and Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K, but rather honor them and add another level to the franchise. the exciting new places the movie will explore, including Istanbul, Italy and London, where High T (Liam Neeson), head of the UK-based MiB office, is based; and the narrative that puts the clock back and digs for the origins of the Men in Black agency to explain that it "exists in many cities of the world and perhaps even began a century ago".

All said, both for a long time Men in black Franchise Loyals and those who just want to see Thor: Ragnarok The stars Hemsworth and Thompson, who assemble for an alien adventure in the ass this summer, will probably settle for it International,

Also with Rafe Spall, Laurent Bourgeois, Larry Bourgeois and Emma Thompson (as Agent O), Men in Black: International will open in the theaters on June 14th.


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