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COFOCE presented the exportable supply of the leather-footwear sector at two international fairs that took place in the United States.

The Foreign Trade Promotion Coordinator (COFOCE) participated in two international events presenting products from Guanajuato in the United States. These fairs, which bring together suppliers of materials and footwear manufacturers from all over the world, were Sourcing at magic and The Atlanta Shoe Market.

Sourcing at magic takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada and brings together manufacturers, suppliers and service providers ranging from the manufacture of clothing and footwear to textiles, materials, components, supply chains and technological solutions. It is an international event that took place both in person and online, attended by the Department of Fashion and Footwear of COFOCE.

We attended with an institutional stand for buyers that provided business opportunities with companies from Guanajuato and brought us closer to the US markets. It is very important to consider that there is a very clear opportunity in the North American market, especially the United States and Canada, and that we all have to seize the moment. On the other hand, to capitalize on the advantage that the issue of high transportation costs gives us and right now the little possibility of contracting containers from Asia to America, which gives us a position of great advantage and the proximity that we have with the United States, our main partner. business, to provide all these products.” commented the Direction of the Fashion and Footwear Sector of COFOCE.

AND The Atlanta Shoe Market which takes place twice a year in Atlanta, Georgia; follow directly to FFANY Show In New York. Today it has more than 1,200 members and is made up of representatives of the footwear industry, and COFOCE attended this event with an institutional stand with representatives of the Footwear Sector Coordination of COFOCE and CICEGalong with some Guanajuato footwear manufacturers.

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They accompanied us inside the institutional stand Shoes From Mexico the marks; height seven, Andanenes, Command, Feet Care, Crosscountry and Calzado Duramax. Where we promote our Guanajuato footwear and leather goods industry, we also invite buyers to attend SAPICA, ANPIC and FIMODA events. This was the third participation that we made in this Atlanta fair under this modality.” mentioned the COFOCE Footwear Sector Coordination.

In addition to participating in the event, a tour of the city of Dallas, Texas was held to meet with executives from Dallas Market Center, which is a leading North American wholesale market and B2B mall connecting retailers and designers with leading manufacturers of home décor, furniture, gifts, lighting and fashion. The visit was aimed at exploring the opportunities that permanent and temporary showrooms represent for companies in the Fashion and Footwear sector in Guanajuato.

Being part of this type of event, especially since it is in the country of our main commercial partner (USA), are very important for the linking work of Guanajuato companies; In addition, one of the main tasks of COFOCE is to make this connection between Guanajuato’s offer and international demand, since they are windows of opportunity for our State that arise thanks to the presence in foreign events.

If you want to know more about international opportunities for fashion and footwear companies, contact COFOCE!

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