international | Putin says Russia has lost the war by ousting civilians and seizing military control

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International media reports that Putin has taken full control of the Russian military. Western military sources quoted Western military sources as saying that Putin was interfering in the day-to-day affairs of the military, as major cities, including Harkiv, which had long been occupied by Ukraine, were being abandoned and the pro-Russian rebels were facing heavy resistance in eastern Ukraine’s Donbass.

According to the report, Putin makes even the decisions of officers in the rank of brigadier in the army, and Russia’s Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov directly coordinates military operations. If Putin and Gerasimo are doing the job of a colonel instead of formulating political strategies, then there is no need to look for another example of Russia’s failure to achieve military goals.

Twenty-eight days after the occupation of Ukraine, 12 Russian generals were killed in Ukraine. According to Ben Barry, a former British brigadier and ground war expert, the need to deploy generals to the front lines came as the Russian army faced heavy resistance in Ukrainian cities.

Ben Barry also said that a head of state should devise political strategies rather than interfering in military decisions. It is unusual for so many generals to be killed in such a short period of time. The killing of top military officials is seen as a major setback for Russia’s rapid progress. The New York Times reported that the United States provided intelligence to the Ukrainian military to assassinate Russian civilians.

Realizing that capturing the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, would not be easy, the Russian military shifted its focus to the eastern region. The Russian army was also unable to make great strides in the Donbass, which was influenced by pro-Russian rebels. Despite a month-long battle in the region, Russian forces have not been able to overcome the small number of Ukrainian defense forces.