International tributes to the murdered Maltese journalist


Valletta – Numerous initiatives honored Monday the memory of Maltese anti-corruption journalist and blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia, who was murdered six months ago, while in London her sons accused the Maltese government of inaction.

Posters, set in the streets of Malta by #OccupyJustice, a militant group led by women, hijacked Monday movie titles known to attack Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, his chief of staff and the Minister of Tourism. ” Daphne Caruana Galizia was murdered while denouncing shocking corruption cases. Six months later, we still do not have an idea who ordered this murder and no one assumed political responsibility for this murder. “, denounced OccupyJustice in a statement. The group also criticized ” despicable people “who govern Malta, a country” where the rule of law is at a ridiculous and dangerous level “. In London, dozens of people gathered in front of the Maltese Embassy, ​​waving photos of the murdered journalist with the hashtag #JusticeForDaphne. ” What we are asking for is not only justice for this murder but also justice for the crimes on which our mother wrote “, told his 32-year-old son Matthew Caruana Galizia on the sidelines of the protest.” Currently in Malta we have a dual impunity: both for the murder of my mother and for all the corruption she wrote about “. Accompanied by his brother Paul, Matthew Caruana Galizia described the anniversary of his mother’s death as ” second funeral “and denounced the management of the Maltese government as” a public relations campaign “.” All that interests them is how the rest of the world sees this and how to get by “. The investigation concerning the death of the journalist is still in progress. Three men, charged on December 5, pleaded not guilty to making the bomb that killed the journalist and participating in a criminal organization. Another group of Maltese activists stuck posters in the main streets of Valletta with this slogan in Italian: ” It silenzio è Mafia “(” Silence is the mafia “). A mass was celebrated in the evening by the Archbishop of Malta, Bishop Charles Scicluna, just before a vigil in the Maltese capital. ” We are gathered to defend the principle of freedom of the press because any attack against a journalist is an attack on the freedom of the press “said Pauline Mevel, who heads the EU’s Reporters Without Borders organization. One participant, Pia Zammit, for her part felt that Malta was not ” a normal country “otherwise the murder would have been followed by resignations. Six more vigils were held in London, Edinburgh, Washington, Berlin, Dresden and Amsterdam, at the call of the International Federation of Journalists. In addition, 45 journalists from 18 media outlets (including Le Monde, The Repubblica, The Guardian and The New York Times) have conducted investigations for five months ” to complete “The work of the Maltese journalist.Their work must be published on the night of Monday to Tuesday. ” They killed the reporter, not the story “, explains on his website the organization” Forbidden stories who coordinated this survey work (


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