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With the advent of summer, many young people like to take pictures of “Thai lemon tea” on social media, and it has also attracted the attention of market regulators. On June 27, The Paper learned from the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration that recently, the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration found that 15 of the 20 batches of samples were inspected during a special random inspection of Internet celebrity beverages such as “Thai-style tea”. Add the food additive sunset yellow in the second over-range.


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In order to ensure the quality and safety of Shenzhen’s summer homemade beverage market, and promptly discover and eliminate potential safety hazards, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau quickly organized a two-month special rectification for “Thai-style tea” and other Internet celebrity beverages.

According to the “National Food Safety Standard Food Additives Use Standard” (GB 2760-2014), among the commonly used synthetic colorants, sunset yellow, amaranth and carmine cannot be used in tea beverages; lemon yellow and temptation in tea beverages The maximum use amount of red is 0.1g/kg, and the maximum use amount of brilliant blue is 0.02g/kg. Long-term or one-time consumption of a large amount of food with excessive pigment content may cause symptoms such as allergies and diarrhea. When the intake is too large and exceeds the load of the liver, it will accumulate in the body and cause certain damage to the kidney and liver.

The Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision has initiated investigations into 15 tea drinking establishments that failed the test, and at the same time guided the catering establishments to do a good job of quality management, immediately remove the unqualified products from the shelves and destroy the unqualified products. If the unqualified items are brought in by the raw tea , And at the same time convey unqualified information to suppliers to ensure that the control of unqualified products is in place, the source is traced in place, the cause investigation is in place, and the rectification is in place.

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According to Article 124 of the “Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China”, the production and operation of foods that exceed the scope or limit of use of food additives, in addition to the confiscation of illegal income and related production materials and tools, illegal production and operation of food and food additives If the value of the goods is less than 10,000 yuan, a fine of more than 50,000 yuan and less than 100,000 yuan shall be imposed; if the value of the goods is more than 10,000 yuan, a fine of ten times to twenty times the value of the goods shall be imposed; if the circumstances are serious, the license shall be revoked certificate.