Internet phone-lover scammer kills 23

He had requested the referral of his case last August. And ultimately did not appear at the Thionville judicial court, this Tuesday, November 23. Despite its absence, this fraud file was indeed heard, in the presence of some of the victims. In total, there are twenty-three, all deceived by this well-dressed 40-year-old Thionville resident, used to cracking down on the private-to-private site Le Bon Coin, in search of high-end mobile phones.

Each time, the same operating mode. The defendant, who has now found refuge abroad, contacts the telephone sellers. From Mosellans, Meurthe-et-Mosellans. He pays them with a check from an account that has been closed. It is the banks of the sellers who will raise the hare.

A man who loves beautiful things

“The defendant indicated that he was in a precarious situation at the time, that he had found an old checkbook while tidying up at home, and that he was reselling these phones to live,” said President Alexandre Gantois during the meeting. ‘Statement of Facts.

That is. Except that the respondent likes beautiful things, beautiful cars, expensive clothes, as stated by the representative of the prosecution Ludovic Louet.

Proof of this is the rental with option to purchase a Mercedes, for which he paid the first drafts but for which he left a slate of more than € 46,000. The defrauded professional, a concessionaire in the Messina region, has taken legal action for breach of trust.

The court sentenced the defendant to 24 months in prison and issued an arrest warrant for him.

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