Interview: Dan Malafosse, Director of Tasting Box, which launches gourmet boxes under the “France Rugby” license

A rugby player who passed through Brive in particular, Dan Malafosse is leading a business project alongside his career (Montauban) with the Tasting Box, a gastronomic box of which he is the Director.

Based on the magazine “Gourmets de France”, the Tasting Box was launched in 2019 and is based on big names in gastronomy, chefs, MOFs, pastry chefs, sommeliers…

A few weeks ago, Tasting Box has launched gourmet boxes under the “France Rugby” license (from 55 to 300€) as part of a partnership with the French Rugby Federation signed until 2025. The opportunity for oval ball lovers to discover the best of our terroirs with wines, foie-gras, terrines, jams and other chocolate sweets Bernachon and Bouillet from Lyon.

On this occasion, we asked some questions to Dan Malafosse.

“In this project, we combine my two passions, gastronomy and rugby…. A real pleasure ! »

Sport Buzz Business: Can you tell us about the Tasting Box?

Dan Malafosse : The Tasting Box is the box for Chefs and Best Workers in France. Indeed, all the products present in our boxes are either tested and approved by our taste experts or developed by themselves. We are very present in the world of business and CSE (social and economic committees) because we absolutely personalize all our offers. For the general public, we are present via our website, that of the France rugby shop and finally that of Smartbox.

SBB: How long have you been offering the “France Rugby” offer?

DM : We made the big launch of the France Rugby boxes during the autumn tour, at the beginning of November.

SBB: What does this licensing partnership bring you?

DM : We are proud to be able to be present within France rugby products because this sport has always resonated in my life with my father and then me who still plays in Montauban. In this project, we combine my two passions gastronomy and rugby…. A real pleasure ! Rugby has always been in my life. Rugby represents a lot both in the love I have for this game and what it brings me today in the development of my project.

SBB: What is the “France Rugby” offer?

DM : The France rugby offer incorporates the quality criteria of the Tasting box with products tested or developed by the chefs as well as an extensive range stamped “3rd half”.

SBB: What prompted you to launch Degustation Box beyond the family history?

DM : The tasting box was a real challenge that I wanted to take up when I returned from Pau to join my training club and the family home. Indeed, once in Brive, it was important for me to create a first name for myself so that I would no longer be the son of… I wanted to have legitimacy in what I could do.

SBB: What is the Degustation Box business model?

DM : We are mainly present in supporting CSEs and corporate events. We work almost exclusively on customization. It is essential for me to have a level of service in terms of the quality of the products that I offer.

SBB: Can you tell us about your distribution network?

DM : Regarding distribution, we favor physical appointments because we are very attached to people and contacts. In addition, it is important to me to fully understand the expectations of the people I work with. Finally, for the single customer, we are present in the shops of France Rugby, Smartbox, not to mention our website.

SBB: A word about your partnership with Smartbox?

DM : We started our partnership with Smartbox during the covid and they wanted to launch the products in delivery. Since then, our partnership has continued to grow. We are very satisfied with it.

“The only difficulty I encounter is to manage to keep a balance between rugby-box and private life”

SBB: Besides France Rugby, do you have other partnerships in sport? Ongoing discussions?

DM : We are in discussions in several other sports but we cannot say more.

SBB: Concerning the products put forward, how do you manage any competition between craftsmen in the same sector when making the offer?

DM : No, no difficulty because I do not select. The Chefs and MOF select, approve but do not sell so there is no difficulty. And we try to make everyone work about the same.

SBB: What difficulties do you encounter on a daily basis in your professional activity?

DM : The only difficulty I encounter is to manage to keep a balance between rugby-box and private life.

SBB: What can we wish you for the next 5 years?

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DM : Whether in the medium or long term, I want to continue learning and having fun in what I do!