Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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INTERVIEW. L’writer Maryline Desbiolles reopens the archives of Malpasset


In 2018, after a parenthesis With Rodin, the book on which we left it last year, Maryline Desbiolles, returns to the novel.
In Breaking, the writer, who lives in the back-country of nice, tells, in just over a hundred pages, the story of a young man leaving the Savoy for the Var and the construction site of the Malpasset dam.
Between the hope of a better future and a mobilization the Algerian war, which will leave traces, the inevitable catches up with him. The end of the dam, it is known. After an episode diluvien, he gives up and kills 423 people, December 2, 1959.

Breaking, it’s full of things…
of course. Literally, it is the rupture of the dam.
But you can hear it in other sense. For the hero, François, is also the break with the place where it comes from, the breakup, and that is the war.

Why Malpasset?
initially, it was because I had ordered a text on the disorders of climate and our responsibility.
of Course the man has…

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