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He worked in the studio for two and a half years and put a lot of heart and soul into eleven new songs. Joris’ album is called “Willkommen Goodbye”. Otherwise things are going well for the 31-year-old: In “Sing mein Song” he is celebrated by the audience. An interview.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel like talking about Corona anymore. Do we want to talk about something else?

Joris: Oh yes, please! About what?

For example about how music can be a source of strength. What kind of music do you put on when you are really exasperated?

Joris: That depends on whether I am exhausted or whether something is annoying me. When something annoys me, I tend to hear something rocky. I used to play drums in a hard rock band – my first records were from Linkin Park, Green Day, Limp Bizkit. And when I’m a bit down, I go for happier things – zaz, for example.

Music as a source of good mood. Do you also know how to use them as a catalyst for bad feelings in order to bathe in melancholy?

Joris: Sure, when I’m really lovesick – of course! Music is not only there to provide the contrasting program, but music is always a very good soundtrack as well. This feeling of melancholy is of course also wonderful.

An example?

Joris: “Bitter Sweet Symphony”. Otherwise, as long as I notice that the music is played for good reasons and with a lot of love, I can listen to almost anything.

Are there any songs from your childhood that particularly influenced you?

Joris: Absolutely. In my new song “Nur die Musik” some of them are processed. This is a tribute to all of my favorite songs. Music came into my life in the form of drums when I was five, then the piano and the guitar. Music always found the right notes, no matter what situation I was in. I was separated at an early age and was alone at home a lot. Music has always been a good friend. 1996 came out a “Bravo Hits” CD with the song “Lemon Tree” by Fools Garden. At the time, I found it fascinating that people in a studio were allowed to simply throw down a glass and then record it. Falling glass is in “Nur die Musik” as well as the bass drum figure from Snoop Doggs “Drop it like it’s hot”.

In a video conversation: Joris and editor Katja Kraft.

© Katja Kraft

Her new album starts with “Aurora”, the sunrise, and ends with “Game over” …

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Joris: Exactly. When you have the vinyl record, you have the childhood memories sunrise side. If you then switch to the “Nachtmusik” page, there is a song about loss with “Steine”: someone has left and the world stands still. There are so many songs about it that claim you can somehow carry this pain for each other – this is bullshit, you can’t. You have to go through the pain, but what you can do for one another is to be there for one another. “I can’t fall for you, but I can catch you.”

Welcome and goodbye are part of life. There is a welcome in every farewell – that sounds easier than it is.

Joris: There is not a welcome in every farewell. I believe there are things that are final and there is nothing good in that fact. But if you take a flat example: You are left at 16 – and think: This is the worst thing you have to go through. A few years later you understand: Yes, that will probably happen to you again. But you know that it will continue afterwards. And that it will be beautiful again. It will be different, but it will be beautiful. That is what is meant by it. What I don’t mean are the stories that fans tell me who find strength in my music. That’s when I notice: if you lose your own child, for example, there is no welcome to goodbye. I don’t want to presume to say anything like that. But there are many things in life that, when approached with the right attitude, will help you progress and where you may be happy in the end that you stumbled.

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How do you react to very personal stories from your fans?

Joris: After the concerts it is sometimes not that easy because I come from the stage with this lively feeling – and then also hear about fates that are hard to digest. Nevertheless, it is of course very valuable that the stories I sing about are adapted by many people to their situation. Incidentally, also related to cheerful moments. There are stories that make me think: Aaaah, don’t tell me. (Laughs.) I don’t necessarily need to know which children were conceived in my songs.

You have brought new life!

Joris: (Laughs.) That’s right, after “Herz über Kopf” the name Joris has risen from 300 to 103 in the list of names.

Fans name their children after you – do you think about how far you can influence them in a socio-political way?

Joris: Well, I’m very committed. For Europe, against racism, I am an SOS Children’s Village ambassador. I think there are many things that I can stand up for. Nevertheless, it is important that I do not give myself up for everything. At “Fridays for Future”, for example, I like to be on stage because I believe in this thing and I could say something good about it if I was asked critically about it. But at the end of the day, most of the issues I stand behind are socially relevant. Everyone has to do something. I notice it so often in myself that I say: “Politicians should do something about that.” But you have to start with yourself. For example, we no longer have domestic flights in our production facility. Everyone in the crew and band got a Bahncard from me.

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Precisely because you are campaigning against the law, you have to endure a lot of headwind. Do you take verbal attacks with you?

Joris: Every day I learn more to face things calmly. Of course that takes me with me, I write songs because I want to write them, and tell very personal things in them – and when someone compares that to 08/15 music, then I think to myself: people don’t check that I’ve been two and a half years now was in the studio for this new album? Eleven songs, two and a half years – that’s a lot of work. You should deal more often with things in more depth, more than “I just half heard it on the radio and I thought I was shit”. I was allowed to take part in “Sing mein Song”, among others with DJ Bobo, who makes a completely different kind of music than me. But I could learn a lot from him, and not always take myself too seriously.

You can buy Joris’ album “Willkommen Goodbye” from your local dealer around the corner here


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