Introduced as a new video game for PlayStation 5

Sony has announced that PlayStation 5 It will go on sale worldwide from November 19, although from the 12th of that month it will already be available in the United States, Japan, Mexico and a handful of countries that include no more European or Latin American. In addition, the price of the standard version will be $ 499 (499 euros as well), while the digital version without a disc reader will be the affordable model with a cost of $ 399 (399 euros).

Among the most prominent video games announced for this new console, it stands out

, an ambitious role-playing game developed by Warner Bros. Games and the Avalanche studio that tells a story that is set in the fantasy universe of Harry
Potter during the 19th century. This new video game will allow the player to create his own magician to to explore
Hogwarts and the open world that surrounds it.

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