Introducing Sega Mega Drive Mini, Nintendo Classic Mini will emulate


Nintendo had hit the nerve of the time with the reissue of its classic consoles, with little financial commitment could make a short-term cash Cow on the legs. Sega is there now, the Mega Drive Mini was officially presented. Again, this is a simple computer board in a small plastic case, which mimics one of the popular consoles of several decades ago. For us, this just means a retro feeling on the HDMI TV.
Sega had released the original 30 years ago in October, so 2018 is a good time to present the mini model. Of course, the games will also be pre-installed here, including famous classics like “Sonic the Hedehog”. In the summer, the console will appear with 15 games, to a market launch in Europe meanwhile, nothing is known.

In my opinion, these retro consoles are definitely a cool idea, even if prices are in principle overdrawn. But visually the things are just cool, a classic emulator does not offer that. [ Verge . Caschy ]


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