This Sunday, the last game of the Challenger of Concepcion, which has as finalists the Argentines Sebastián Báez and Francisco Cerúndolo.

The tournament, despite not having any Chilean tennis player on the podium, left good impressions for the city and the country.

Nevertheless, a situation that got out of hand to the organization happened this afternoon.

At the start of the second set between the duel between Báez and Cerúndolo, a group of protesters entered the field to hold a protest in the middle of the game.

This situation forced the meeting to be suspended for a few minutes.

Those referred to correspond to adherents of the Club Alianza Bellavista of Barrio Norte, who have been protesting for weeks, due to a future construction of a social housing project on the site where their soccer field is located.

The group has made interventions in different sectors of Concepción to express their dissatisfaction with this measure that they consider unfair.

The game soon resumed and finally Báez ended up taking the title after winning a great game. 6-3, 6-7 and 7-6 was the final score.

Nevertheless, The protesters continued with their intervention on the outskirts of the fields of the Bellavista Sports Fields, after having argued with members of the Challenger organization.