investigating possible disappearance of a dozen people – CNN

(CNN Español) — The Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office reported that it opened an investigation into the case of a group of between 13 and 14 people, who have remained lost since last weekend when, during their visit to a beach in Puerto Vallarta, they were possibly attacked by a cell from the organized crime, facts that left a person dead.

The prosecutor, Gerardo Octavio Solís Gómez, reported this Saturday at a press conference that the victims had departed from the city of Guanajuato in various ATVs and pick-up trucks, and on July 18 they arrived at this tourist destination.

The people, according to the official, were allegedly approached by several vehicles that blocked their way. Some people reportedly attempted to flee when a shooting ensued in which one person was injured and then died at a local hospital.

Solís Gómez explained that the victim was a Guanajuato businessman from whom they already have their identification, and said that according to the information they have so far, none of the people affected was related to illegal activities.

The prosecutor added that at the moment neither the authorities of Puerto Vallarta nor those of Guanajuato have any complaint of disappearance of people. However, he added that the prosecution does not rule out the disappearance of some members of the group in this event.

He added that the incident could have been caused by the actions of some criminal gang that operates in the area.

“It is not being investigated as a homicide only, but we have added that ingredient precisely so that some dangerous organized crime cell may be linked,” he said at a press conference.

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