Investigation clarifies how journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was deliberately killed by the Israeli army

Published on : 21/09/2022 – 12:43

Israeli responsibility for the death of Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was no longer in doubt. Even the Jewish state army ended up acknowledging ” a probable shot by one of his soldiers “. But a new investigation clarifies the circumstances of his death.

With our correspondent in Jerusalem, Sami Boukhelifa

The survey was conducted by Al Haq, a Palestinian human rights NGO, and Forensic Architecture, a UK research group using architectural techniques and technology to investigate state violence. It demonstrates that the murderous shooting that hit the star journalist of Al Jazeera last May, ” was a deliberate shot », and not an army blunder.

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Through never-before-seen videos, testimonies from journalists who accompanied Shireen Abu Akleh, mapping of the tragedy area using a drone, sound analysis of the shots and a 3D reconstruction, the new investigation retraces, second by second , the tragedy that claimed the life of the Al Jazeera journalist.

shoot to kill

The 3D reconstruction takes us into the Israeli tank, positioned 200 meters from the journalists. It immerses us in the telescope of the Israeli sniper. This rifle scope allows a 4x zoom, according to information made public by the army itself. We then see exactly what the soldier had in his line of sight: individuals with bulletproof vests, on which appears the word “press” in English. There is no possible misidentification.

And yet, the shooter opens fire several times. Shireen Abu Akleh is shot in the head. His colleague, Ali Samoudi, is injured in the upper back. All other bullet holes noted at the crime scene are at eye level. In military jargon, this is called ” shoot to kill “, “shoot to kill”.

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What is Israel’s interest in targeting journalists? It is the reporter Ali Samoudi, himself injured that day who answers: ” Israel places no value on the lives of Palestinians. If we weren’t journalists for an international media, our death wouldn’t have moved anyone. »