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Investigation finds & # 39; pervasive & # 39; sexual harassment at companies run by Trump Nominee for NOAA

A federal investigation found that AccuWeather had serious and pervasive sexual harassment on female employees while the company was run by a man appointed President of a federal agency by President Donald Trump.

Several complaints from women who were sexually harassed were ignored, and employees feared retaliation when they reported misconduct on their bosses. Many of the women said they had receded under pressure. The harassment involved unwanted touching and kissing, the investigation found.

A revised copy of the January report was received by Associated Press following Trump's controversial appointment of former AccuWeather CEO Barry Myers as chairman of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Myers was CEO during the "pervasive" harassment, but resigned earlier this year and dropped the acquisition of NOAA.

Still owned by Myers' family members, AccuWeather sells information that comes in part from data paid by the taxpayer and created by the National Weather Service, which is overseen by the NOAA. Critics have disregarded Myers's nomination as an outrageously ethical breach that would blame the man who benefits from NOAA data for this agency.

A group of government observer organizations has called on the senators to vote against Myers' nomination or exact concessions from him to protect against obvious conflicts of interest.

"AccuWeather, which is still owned by members of the Myers family, benefits in part from the data provided by the offices Mr. Myers would serve. If he does not object to certain things that will have a direct and predictable impact on the company, the Agency's decision-making could be affected, "said a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell earlier this month (R-Ky .) And the minority leader was sent to Chuck Schumer (DN.Y.) by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

Myers' nomination was accelerated in a Senate committee earlier this month, the Washington Post said. It still has to be coordinated by the entire Senate.

"Barry Myers defines" conflict of interest, "said Ciaran Clayton, NOAA communications director during the Obama administration, to the post office in 2017." He actively campaigned for the privatization of the National Weather Service, which works day after day to protect the lives and livelihoods of millions of Americans to promote the profits of its own company. "

AccuWeather agreed last year to pay $ 290,000 as part of an agreement on the Ministry of Labor's findings, although officials continue to insist that the company did nothing wrong, AP reported.


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