Investigations – helicopter crash in Wr. Neustadt – autopsy ordered

As agency spokesman Erich Habitzl announced on request on Tuesday, the investigations by the Aircraft Accident Commission and the State Criminal Police Office continued. A helicopter from ex-Strabag boss Hans Peter Haselsteiner was approaching the Wr. Airfield on Sunday. Neustadt Ost crashed.

While the extensive report by the Aircraft Accident Commission is likely to take a long time, an interim report by the State Criminal Police Office on the events on Sunday afternoon was already available. According to Habitzl, this is based “on the first results of the investigation” and, among other things, on witness statements and does not yet allow any conclusions to be drawn about the cause. The spokesman did not provide any further details on the report.

The helicopter had started to burn around 4:45 p.m. on the Sunday after the crash. The fire brigade put out the flames. Any help came too late for the pilot from Carinthia. Haselsteiner, the owner of the Bell 429 GlobalRanger helicopter, was not in the aircraft. According to the daily newspaper “Kurier”, the entrepreneur and former politician got out of the car shortly before at Semmering and responded that he was “completely shocked and exhausted”.

During the approach to landing there was fog in Wiener Neustadt. Not least because of this, a media discussion started on a cloud breaking procedure based on instrument flight rules, the so-called IFR cloud breaking procedure, which “Kurier” and “Austria” reported on Tuesday. This regulation was first implemented for the airfields in Wiener Neustadt and Bad Vöslau (Baden district), but was stopped in July, as the office of Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler (Greens) informed the “courier”. There was talk of a revision.

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According to Austro Control, however, the cloudbreaking procedure does not change the fact that in the end it has to be landed in visual flight. In the crash on Sunday it would have “made no difference”, was emphasized in the “Kurier”.

Cause still unknown