Investigators secure traces of blood

Apparently the wanted struck during the curfew. The fact is: perpetrators smashed a window in the Asian boutique “Om Shanti” on Fischpfortenstrasse / corner of Himmelreich and a glass pane in the “Marilyn Moden” store on Osterstrasse. A criminal was injured in the process – investigators discovered traces of blood on a stone slab between pieces of jewelry and broken glass. Police officers secured the blood for forensic investigations. The Hameln fire brigade was alerted at 12.20 p.m. The women and men moved out with an emergency fire engine and a “logistics” vehicle. A team of experts brought roof battens and shuttering boards to Fischpfortenstrasse and covered the hole with wood. It was initially unclear whether the perpetrator stole something.

A little later the police reported another broken window – this time at “Marilyn Moden” on Osterstrasse. According to the investigators, nothing was stolen. The officials have initiated proceedings against unknown persons – for damage to property.

The perpetrator was injured – they found blood on a stone slab, between jewelry and broken glass. Photo: ube

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