Investment opportunities in Morocco presented to American operators

Investment opportunities in Morocco presented to American operators

Encourage American operators to invest in priority economic sectors in Morocco.

This is the main objective of a webinar, the work of which has just taken place in the presence of David T. Fischer, United States Ambassador to Morocco, and in which more than 90 private American companies took part. “We have seen first hand the many excellent partnerships that form when you combine Moroccan entrepreneurship and American know-how, and we are proud to highlight the opportunities available to American companies in this important sector. ”Said Mr. Fischer.

Speaking on this occasion, Abdelaziz El Gamah, Chief of Staff in the Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water, indicated that “this event, the result of cooperation between Morocco and the States United, allows the Kingdom to present to American companies the main steps set out in the National Water Plan and the National Program on Drinking Water Supply and Irrigation ”.

For his part, Ian Steff, Director General of the US Foreign Commercial Service, underlined the importance of cooperative relations between the two countries, in particular in the field of water management. “We know that water is at the center of economic and social development. It is essential to a country’s infrastructure and contributes to the development of other sectors, from industry to tourism, ”he said, noting that“ large American companies are ready and willing to provide services. advanced products and to join forces with Moroccan companies to achieve common objectives in this sector ”.


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